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Dying Light

See Dying Light In Action In This Developer Walkthrough

In stills, Dying Light doesn't look far removed from the developer's other game, Dead Island, but when you see it in motion, it's easy to understand why the two games are very different.

This video below offers a 12-minute walkthrough of gameplay, showing off zombies, free-running, side-missions, human enemies, and the game's namesake, the danger of night.

Dying Light is coming to current and next-gen consoles. For more on the game, check out our first look, our E3 coverage, and an explanation of how it differs from Dead Island. Dying Light is planned for release in 2014.

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  • I'm excited for Dying Light, but I'm going to be cautious. Dead Island was fun but SUPER flawed, and the sequel was even more buggy and flawed, so I will watch this closely, especially if it can take my interest away from DayZ and Dead Rising 3.
  • This looks interesting. I mean, I'm a little tired of zombie games, in general, but this one looks like it'd be fun to play. I'd have to hear more about the Mutiplayer, though. Co-op? PvP? Free roam or instanced matches?
  • I am very excited for this game. It seems different, even if it is zombies, parkour, etc. You can just tell this is what Techland always wanted Dead Island to be.
  • It's sad my little 4yr old nephew asks if he can watch Walking Dead because he likes to play shoot em. What can I say we love zombies in this house. On that note I didn't like Dead Island and therefore never gave Riptide a try But this Dying Light looks like it will do just nicely:)
  • This will be an instant purchase for me if co-op for the complete game is confirmed. Dead Island was a ton of fun in co-op.... :)

  • Parkour and zombies? I'm in.

  • Wow! Nice!

  • The free-running and navigational options look really great! Looks to be a fun game!

  • It looks like Dead Island on steroids.  I'm digging it.

  • The night time gameplay seems like it will be really tense. I also wonder what other kinds of abilities that will be available since the protagonist is infected but apparently can't turn into a zombie. I also wonder how many other people are like him in the game.
  • Why aren't they just calling it Dead Island 2? I mean, the environment, concept, gameplay, and even animations are the same.
  • Movement looks 100x smoother than in Dead Island. Seems legit.

  • That was cool, if I was that guy I would have waited till those soilders let their guard down and tried to kill them. It probably wouldn't have worked, but I would have had to try lol.
  • So you're pretty much screwed at night. Wow. It's about like TLoU and the Clickers.
  • Looks well made thus far. But I think I'm going to take a break from zombie games for a couple years.
    I might play it eventually though.
  • This game has the "I am legend" to me and i like it, i wonder how bad are going to be the zombies at night. I hope the final product has good quality.

  • I think this game looks good other then that sonar ability you have, that looks like it would make things easy I hate it when games make *** easy i like a challenge also it better not be like the last of us (I liked it but it sucked time to time) and metal gear rising revengence (it was going to be awesome and it was going to be called metal gear vengeance but they *** it up) where they switch everything around.
  • This looks like it's right up my alley (no pun intended).

  • this looks pretty fun..

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