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  • Blog Post: The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors

    Techland originally introduced the Dead Island franchise using an emotional reveal trailer that showed a family being affected by a zombie outbreak. The finished product, though fun, had a campier vibe than that somber announcement trailer. With Dying Light, Techland comes closer to capturing the feeling... More
  • Blog Post: Dying Light’s Launch Trailer Is Full Of Blood, Sweat, And Fears

    Techland’s Dying Light combines first person zombie mayhem with new elements to keep the rotting corpses nice and fresh. The title features free-running (and jumping) along the lines of Mirror’s Edge and a trap system to keep the walkers from shambling. This launch trailer gives us snippets... More
  • Blog Post: Play Through A Dying Light Mission In New Interactive Trailer

    Dying Light is out in just over a month, which means you need to start sharpening your parkour and zombie-killing skills. To assist you with your training, Warner Bros. and Techland have delivered an interactive trailer. At numerous points throughout this mission, you’ll need to decide how to proceed... More
  • Blog Post: New DLC Introduces Player-Controlled Zombie, Asymmetric Multiplayer

    In a new trailer for Dying Light, developer Techland shows off a new asymmetric multiplayer mode. Pre-orders of the survival horror shooter grant players free access to the “Be the Zombie” DLC. The content pack allows players to control the Night Hunter, a zombie predator that invades online... More
  • Blog Post: In Dying Light, Movement Is Survival

    Today marks the start of PAX 2014 here in Seattle, which means the public will have a chance to go hands-on with a number of upcoming titles. Techland and WB have Dying Light here at the show, with a new trailer that showcases the game's movement through the undead-infested environments. In this... More
  • Blog Post: Invade A Friend's World In Techland's Zombie Apocalypse

    Techland's spiritual successor to Dead Island lets players free-run across a zombie-filled open world. We’ve already gotten our hands dirty with the game, but at this year’s Gamescom we got a chance to partner up for a run though the city in co-op. During our hands-on with the game, our... More
  • Blog Post: Techland Releases Intense Dying Light Gamescom Trailer

    Techland is giving you an advanced look at Dying Light before its shown at Gamescom. Spoiler alert: It's gory and intense. The game is certainly looking good, and every bit as bloody as you would expect. Check back next week for more on all the titles being show at Gamescom. More
  • Blog Post: Getting Faster And Stronger In Dying Light

    Zombie games are not in short supply at E3. Deep Silver has partnered with developer Yager for Dead Island 2, but the studio behind the original Dead Island is working on a different first-person zombie apocalypse game. Techland and publisher Warner Bros. are joining forces to make Dying Light, a next... More
  • Blog Post: Terrifying New Dying Light Screens Emerge

    Along with the E3 2014 trailer, Techland has released a new batch of screens for open-world zombie action game. The screens show off the beautiful scenery and gruesome enemies players can expect to encounter in-game. Check out the gallery below for the new screens. For more coverage on Dying Light, check... More
  • Blog Post: Bringing Out The Murderer In All Of Us

    It might not be the best marketing for an industry that is still misunderstood by so many, but the latest Dying Light trailer asserts that there’s a murderer in all of us. Thankfully, this trailer only shows the slaughter of the undead, which we’re pretty sure doesn’t count. Dying Light... More
  • Blog Post: Dying Light Trailer Will Make You Afraid Of The Dark

    Techland made a name for itself in the zombie world developing Deep Silver’s Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. Now the studio is working with Warner Bros., mixing in some parkour to its undead antics. This new trailer for the upcoming title paints a grim picture of a world gone mad. The undead... More
  • Blog Post: Dying Light Video Teases The Outbreak And Upcoming Reveal

    A short video appeared online recently teasing some kind of Dying Light reveal for Tuesday, February 11. The video, which you can watch below, shows a few very short snippets of gameplay, zombies, asks if you're prepared for the outbreak, and shows what appears to be the unplanned removal of a limb... More
  • Blog Post: Dying Light Continues To Impress With New 9-Minute Gameplay Video

    Dying Light is handling its marketing in a way gamers love: showing lots and lots of gameplay. The latest long-form, nine-minte video showcasing the game demonstrates how dangerous things can get if the suns sets while you're out scavenging for supplies. It also shows how handy firecrackers can be... More
  • Blog Post: The Brilliant Lighting Of Techland's Newest Game

    Take a closer look at the technology behind Dying Light. Citing the new hardware power (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), Techland developed a physically based lighting engine with their in-house system. The Chrome Engine 6 will debut with Dying Light, which features dazzling lighting effects and a day and... More
  • Blog Post: I Saw, I Ran, I Got Killed – Five Cool Things From Dying Light

    As the studio behind the Dead Island series, Techland knows a thing or two about the zombie apocalypse. Unlike Dead Island, Dying Light is putting an equal emphasis on both fight and flight. You're able to hold your own against the undead using ranged and melee weapons, but when it's time to... More
  • Blog Post: Pre-Order Bonus Allows You To Play As The Undead

    Zombie fans who pre-order Techland's upcoming open world zombie game Dying Light will get access to Be the Zombie mode, which allows players to jump into the rotted skin of a deadly night hunter in the game’s PvP mode. In Dying Light's Be the Zombie mode, players can stalk other players... More
  • Blog Post: Setting Booby Traps After Nightfall

    Techland’s follow up to the Dead Island series continues the developer’s line of first-person, open-world zombie games. Dying Light changes up the formula with fluid parkour gameplay and a revolving day-to-night cycle. Speaking of night, I played a section of the game where we’re tasked... More
  • Blog Post: See Dying Light In Action In This Developer Walkthrough

    In stills, Dying Light doesn't look far removed from the developer's other game, Dead Island, but when you see it in motion, it's easy to understand why the two games are very different. This video below offers a 12-minute walkthrough of gameplay, showing off zombies, free-running, side-missions... More
  • Blog Post: Dying Light Plays Like Mirror’s Edge With Zombies

    The first time I played DICE’s freerunning first-person game, Mirror’s Edge, I immediately wished more FPSs featured the same fluid movement. After getting my hands on Techland’s zombie-infested horror game, Dying Light, it became clear the developers shared similar feelings. The next... More
  • Blog Post: You Can Rest When You're Dead

    Techland's Dead Island and Dying Light are both first-person action games set after the zombie apocalypse, but the studio is quick to keep them separate. As a new CG trailer shows, a key distinction is that the survivors in Dying Light don't appear to be the helpless underdogs we're accustomed... More
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