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Dying Light

Dying Light Continues To Impress With New 9-Minute Gameplay Video

Dying Light is handling its marketing in a way gamers love: showing lots and lots of gameplay.

The latest long-form, nine-minte video showcasing the game demonstrates how dangerous things can get if the suns sets while you're out scavenging for supplies. It also shows how handy firecrackers can be for distracting the undead, and how sticking to the roofs is pretty much always your best bet.

Dying Light is coming to Xbox One and 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, and PC next year.

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  • Looks sick, and that spin attack was amazing.

  • the game looks great, i like the style and the idea of running and maneuvering more than trying to kill everything. but to be honest, it looks like it would be a little awkward and/or clunky with the controls. like they make it looks all seamless and smooth flowing. hopefully i am wrong, and it is as great as it looks, i'll be keeping my eyes on this  

  • This game looks like an absolute blast.

  • I know iths is pre-alpha, but it just does not look gritty or scary enough. It's still a bit Arcady and simplistic. The HUD Needs work, too squeezed in and that bar in the middle is super distracting.

    I am looking forward to how it progresses but something does not have me interested in it enough.  

    When I heard about it and started looking into it, it did look interesting.  But the same animations and same mission styles make it a bit humdrum.  Repetition in various ways is still repetition.  I know this is hard work and so much goes into it but it's just not grabbing me yet.  I love the genre and try most of what's out there.  I guess for me I look forward to more intense realism from a world gone Z.


  • Seems interesting but I'm still not sold it. From the footage shown above I can't help but think that constantly running from zombies will get repetitive.