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Dying Light

Dying Light Continues To Impress With New 9-Minute Gameplay Video

Dying Light is handling its marketing in a way gamers love: showing lots and lots of gameplay.

The latest long-form, nine-minte video showcasing the game demonstrates how dangerous things can get if the suns sets while you're out scavenging for supplies. It also shows how handy firecrackers can be for distracting the undead, and how sticking to the roofs is pretty much always your best bet.

Dying Light is coming to Xbox One and 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, and PC next year.

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  • Really looks like this could be the open world zombie game I could actually play continuously, Dead Island struggled to hook me with not enough variation of things to do but the free running could keep me coming back for more. Either way I cant wait for this on PS4.

  • Looks a lot more challenging then dead rising 3, don't mean tot compare but dead rising is bloody easy. Even the first 2 games were more interesting as they were challenging and didn't focus on combat too much. Glad that the humour is still there though. Anyway that's my opinion.

  • Looks pretty sick! Except for the stamina bar being right there in the middle of the screen. Hopefully it's not as boring as Dead Island, that game was boring as hell.
  • This looks really good for a zombie game. Hoping it's a major step up from the Dead Island game.

  • Looks awesome! I seem to be the few who actually enjoyed both dead island games.

  • Wow, the graphics in this are amazing and it looks truly next-gen. As a big fan of Dead Island and a pissed off one after Riptide I hope they do much better with the story.

  • One thing I hated in dead island was the weapon durability. This game seems to let your weapons last a lot longer. I got so annoyed finding a good weapon then I breaking so fast. To me this game does look really good. I just hope when I buy it, it plays like it looks in the video.

  • Oh and also a note, that quick look back slow mo thing. That's awesome.

  • I almost didn't read this article because at the top it is only tagged for PS4, which I don't own, but then noticed it said at the bottom releasing on Xbox One. Why would it only be tagged for PS4?

  • so...find random dudes, do stuff for them cuz ur the only bad ass that can do anything. Run around like a pro on buildings and zombie heads while occasionally stopping to slash a zombie head with a wrench. Run away cuz it's getting dark out.

    Repeat. No rinsing necessary.

    The reason they are showing game play so much is cuz there isn't much of a story that's interesting. They have to market a game like this that way.

  • This look good!

  • Something about the quest system, conversations and graphics reminds me of Rage... Looks pretty good.
  • Looks pretty fun.  I want guns!

  • Looks good. But I thought Deep Silver were the publisher on this? Its a Warners Bros interactive game?

  • This game looks awesome. I loved Mirror's Edge and Dead Island, and this looks like it mesh's the two and adds a couple pieces of its own flair to the mix.

  • Its nice to see a dev who isn't afraid to show off gameplay that isn't a pre-rendered trailer. And I have to say, this game looks really sweet. I've become a bit jaded by the flood of zombie games in the last few years, but this one gives me hope. The nighttime gameplay they show looks like it could be a lot of fun.

  • I love the tension felt during the nighttime game play. The game as a whole looks pretty good so far. Glad it's coming to last-gen systems.

    Also, who is that voice actor (for the main character)? Sounds like Yuri Lowenthal attempting an accent, but I'm not positive.

  • I enjoyed Dead Island and Riptide a great deal.  I look forward to seeing what this adds to the experience.  

  • This looks like fun!

  • That was awesome, definitely thinking about getting this game for my new PS4.