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Dying Light

Dying Light Continues To Impress With New 9-Minute Gameplay Video

Dying Light is handling its marketing in a way gamers love: showing lots and lots of gameplay.

The latest long-form, nine-minte video showcasing the game demonstrates how dangerous things can get if the suns sets while you're out scavenging for supplies. It also shows how handy firecrackers can be for distracting the undead, and how sticking to the roofs is pretty much always your best bet.

Dying Light is coming to Xbox One and 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, and PC next year.

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  • Video doesn't play. :(
  • This currently looks like what Dead Island should have been on the PS3/Xbox 360 consoles. I haven't seen anything, "next gen" about this game though I'm sure it'll be fun. Hopefully without the floaty combat and hiccups/bugs the Dead Island games have.
  • It almost seems like they're trying hard to avoid what happened with Dead Island, where the cinematic announcement trailer "promised" an entirely different game than what was given (so people thought). This way, people know what they're getting, and will hopefully get hyped anyway.

    I think this is a great way to go about it, because I am just loving everything I see about the game.

  • There was nothing impressive in that video. "Good" lighting effects will always make something look "amazing", especially in the eyes of a dunce.
  • Why do they call it call it Dying Light? The lighting effects look pretty Alive to me.
  • It looks like Far Cry 3 with zombies.
  • I really want to be hyped up for this game, but there's something telling me it's not going to be as good as I want it to be. Definitely waiting for the reviews on this one...
  • If I do get this game I am totally turning off the HUD stamina bar, looks absolutely terrible on-screen!
  • wow, day one purchase here. That looks fun as hell.

  • Loving how the game is coming up! Definitely checking out more about it

  • that was intense!

  • I'd buy it. Killing zombies or Nazis never gets old.
  • Has potential, need to hear more before jumping in.

  • I have to say that it does look pretty sweet, and with enough time to polish it up, this could turn out to be a great game.

  • I loved everything right up until the "undead wanted level" thing. Seems a bit too gamey for an experience that looks to be very immersive otherwise.
  • Definitely a game that has my attention.

  • Dead Island always looked interesting to me, but just didn't seem good enough to warrant a purchase. This however is looking much better. I just hope the demos don't turn out to be nothing like the final product.

    *cough* Aliens Colonial Marines *cough*

  • I think it looks pretty interesting. I'm looking forward to learn more about the plot line.

  • Meh. Hope it's not as boring as Dead Island!!!

  • "Continues to impress" hmmm...Not so much for me.
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