The first of its kind, DUST 514 (PS3) is a free-to-play, premium, massively multiplayer first-person shooter that is set in the EVE Universe and linked to EVE Online. . In DUST 514, players assume the role of deadly mercenaries who fight dynamic ground wars to control planets in the EVE Universe of New Eden. Players are armed with limitless customization options including weapons, vehicles, armor, and enhanced weapons, armor and vehicles.

In DUST 514 every action has real consequences that ripple across a persistent universe of countless players worldwide. EVE Online is a wholly unique MMO, and the developer's shooter, DUST 514, looks to continue CCP's legacy of creating unorthodox experiences.

While it looks like a traditional FPS on the outside, it's actually a hybrid FPS/MMO/RPG, with a number of features that set it apart from everything else in the genre, including a deep connection to EVE Online that gives us a glimpse into the future of gaming.The free-to-play FPS MMO on the Playstation Network has been four years in the making. The game spent the last eight months in closed beta, with CCP taking extensive feedback from players.

During this time DUST has seen three major builds, several hotfixes, upgrades to graphics, physics and store items. Dust 514's controls work like most first-person shooters on the market, with melee and sprint buttons mapped to either analog stick like in Call of Duty, and vehicle controls very much in the style of Halo. But it's when you dig deeper into the universe this game takes place in that you realize this is one of the craziest first-person shooters on the PS3.

Unlike Call of Duty, Halo, or Battlefield, Dust 514 is not a fast pace shooter where players can spawn and get into quick combat from the get go. If there's one title out there that can be compared to it, then its MAG. Like MAG, Dust 514 controls feel somewhat "slow", yet everything else available in the game offers boundless depths for players to explore. And like MAG, Dust 514 has a high learning curve and isn't for those who are impatient.

The battles take place on planets that exist in the EVE universe, which are constantly being fought over by warring corporations. When you call in an air strike in Dust, a player in EVE piloting a ship has to decide whether it's worth his while to accept that request depending on how heated that warzone is. It's all connected.

On top of that, the currency you earn in the game, ISK, is the same as that of EVE Online. You can either carry that currency over into EVE or use it to dig into the game's extensive customization system that lets you equip your characters with a litany of class-flexible equipment and granular skill upgrades. So if you want to really take your character to its competitive limits, you'll need to become intimately familiar with the very same economy that drives so much of the corporate intrigue of EVE.

As it stands, this is hit-and-miss. Literally. Bullets sometimes seem to pass through their targets harmlessly. Disconnects, though not common, still happen from time to time. Lag doesn’t seem to be an issue, particularly surprising after the move to Tranquility. Battles are intense and more teamwork-oriented than any other shooter I've played. The leveling system is deep and rewarding, and most weaponry is quite balanced (there are a few exceptions).

The Contract (or Corp Battle) system is currently lacking any real reward and feels like a waste of time for those with no ties to EVE.Ground versions of EVE's ship weapons and defensive equipment are all available: The Caldari favour shields, missiles and railguns; the Gallente short-range blasters; the Amarr focus on armour tanks and energy weapons; and Minmatar use projectiles and speed.

An automated Rapid Deployment Vehicle(shown above) will deliver vehicles to any point on the battlefield a player wants, but as is the case in EVE, replacements will be a costly and finite resource. Interestingly, it looks like vehicles are fit with modules from some kind of stockpile, which might end up being a strategic base that you can capture during a match to deprive the enemy of his fancy and space planes and hovertanks.The infantry aren't left out in the cold, as they take on specialised roles like tackling enemy vehicles, target-painting structures, capturing objectives and setting up traps. Infantry  use customisable "drop suits" with modular fitting systems just like vehicles


So far, so good. The graphics are on par with similar PS3 FPS titles like MAG and Gotham City Imposters. Improvements are expected as development continues, as well.Firefights are big and explosive The mercenaries in DUST aren’t your traditional modern-era soldiers – they’re from the future, where people use laserbeams and wear suits of thick armor and stuff. Because of this, battles are slower, with players soaking a lot more damage than they do in games like Call of Duty, where a few well-placed shots to the chest will drop someone.


The music of DUST stays true to its EVE roots - a dark tone, with electronica over a full symphony. Though the sound effects are good, CCP is still working on them, and audio is constantly in flux. The dropships, tanks, and jeeps of DUST don’t sit around randomly waiting for players to jump in.


Analog controls have been recently tweaked to be extremely twitchy and I have found myself lowering sensitivity all the way to 0DUST 514 allows you to use a controller and keyboard/mouse simultaneously. This allows flexibility in your game play. You might snipe with the precision afforded by your mouse, then switch to an SMG and get your twitch on with your DualShock Controller. Button layouts are still being added and the community is pulling for full player customization.

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When you think about the whole thing, Dust 514 is a pretty brilliant move by developer CCP Games. , but it's not an easy game for newcomers to get into. it's a game that exists in a lived-in universe, where the stakes are high and the players care deeply about their place in the universe.playing DUST 514, isn’t entirely fulfilling. The controls are a little loose, and the gunplay, in general, leaves much to be desired. i blasted enemies from point-blank range with machine guns and watched their health slowly tick down, and fired rockets at point blank that didn't seem to do anything of consequence. felt absolutely no sense of contact when we blasted enemies with rockets or lasers.Even melee felt weak, leaving me confused as to why these giant, armor-clad mercenaries didn’t seem to have much impact But  still interested.

DUST 514 has kicked open a door we didn't even know existed, and there's something remarkable about that. Peel away the accessible wrapping, and Dust 514 is a very interesting proposition for fans of first-person shooters.