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Dust 514

New Screens And Information Surface On Dust 514

CCP Games' free-to-play first-person shooter for PlayStation 3, is edging closer to completion. Today, the company released some new screens, as well as information about a closed beta.

The new screens (below) are culled from Dust's Gamescom showing, and show off vehicles like the dropship and tanks. CCP also announced that on September 4, PlayStation Plus subscribers will release exclusive access to a closed beta of the game. CCP is pushing a new update to the game which features the first live integration of Dust 514/EVE Online cross-platform integration.

  • How exactly are we supposed to "release" exclusive access to the closed beta? ;)

  • Really excited for this.  Looks insanely ambitious.

  • metal nice clothes interesting picture.

  • Free To Play are my three favorite words, next to New Metroid Prime, which i have yet to hear......

  • awesome! i must play it

  • If these images are from Gamescom...then I assume they were demoing a different build. Don't get me wrong, the improved graphics in the new build were immediately noticeable and a significant improvement over the last iteration. But these images are pretty amazing and not reflective of the current state of the beta in my opinion. I only hope that this is what we have to look forward to in final release :)
  • I played one of the older betas and the gunplay felt pretty unpolished, I also didn't like having to use resources to replenish my ammo supplies after every game.

  • I think he was meaning open beta since the closed beta is already going right now (I'm in it :)) So don't know what he is talking about.

  • This is old news. I have been in the beta for months now, as a non PS+ member.

    The gameplay is slowly coming together, it has things to work out, but once they start adding corp support is when it gets fun.

  • According to comments on IGN, who published the PSN update yesterday which included the Beta access for PS+ Subscribers, Downloading this thing seems to be, like, 2 hours long. Plus more time for a massive update, and the install. Like, 3-4 hours people were talking about!

    My point is, Dust better be pretty great to be worth it.

    It certainly looks nice. If the PS3 can't get version of Planetside 2, this will likely be a fine replacement.
  • This looks like it will be fun. I hope it is worth playing.

  • way

  • Aim with the rifle suck, but fun with patches.