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Not up to par, even for $15.

     Since I play the actual game Dungeons and Dragons on paper every week, you can understand my initial excitement for this downloadable game. Especially since it was $15. But 5 minutes into it, all that excitement was gone.

     There are only four classes/races to choose from, that don't really even line up with stats or favored classes in the real game. The combat is glitchy, at best. At it's worst, spells fire the wrong direction, or don't fire at all, you attack the wrong enemy in melee, enemies you've killed remain frozen on the battlefield...

     The environments are very rough-looking. And by that I mean unfinished, in a way. They are just not that dazzling. I understand that it's underground, but I have seen much better. There was not much work put into it, maybe.

     The weapon options are not bad, a little variety there. As well as the armors. And if you play the actual game on paper like me, you become very item-driven, so I'm kind of a nerd for acquiring things. So that part of Daggerdale really isn't so bad.

     The redeeming quality of Daggerdale, though, is definitely the leveling system. And again, I'm kind of a nerd for stats and leveling, so that's why I like it. You pick where to put your skill points, basically where you want your strengths to be, and weaknesses of course, what weapons you are proficient with, your spells, and so on...

     That's where the 5.25 rating came from. I neither love Daggerdale, nor hate it. So I was going to give it a 5, but the leveling system bumped it up to a 5.25 for me. Maybe a 5.5, but lets not get crazy...


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