My initial excitement for this game made me buy it as soon as it hit the marketplace, poor choice. The controls for the spells with the wizard were hit and miss, when it worked it was dead on, when it didn't i was casting spells in the wrong direction or couldn't choose where to plant an ice storm. Some connectivity issues on multiplayer, we got booted from the game multiple times and the autosave didn't work so we were stuck with a previous save which was typically 2 character levels back.  Bland storyline, and graphics looked good at times but then looked terrible at others.  In big battles with many enemies, lag took over and by the time it caught up we were all dead.  Took us reloading the final boss fight 3 times for it to work correctly, and the very end is laughably a quick time event, didn't see that coming lol. To cap off a horrible gaming experience in the last chapter all of my spell points were erased with no way of getting them back, so i became a melee based wizard, not much fun. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.