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Dungeon Siege III

Meet Dungeon Siege III's Party

The world of Dungeon Siege III is filled with places to explore, monsters to slaughter, and loot to collect, but so is just about every other dungeon crawler out there. In these games, the party is key. You'll be stuck with these guys throughout your adventure, and having people around who you like certainly helps. Obsidian Entertainment and Square Enix have released video vignettes on all four of the game's playable characters, and we've got them all for you here in one location.

Anjali is the game's archon, who has a pair of deadly forms. In her human guise, she attacks with a staff and spears, darting in and out of combat with acrobatic precision. Her true form is a fire spirit, which allows her to unleash terrifying blasts of flame to inflict horrible searing wounds.

The daughter of a legion commander and a mysterious nomad, Katarina is a powerful witch. She can attack enemies from a distance using her rifle and hurling curses, and at closer range she shreds foes with a shotgun and her dual pistols. Katarina can also summon a loyal hound to help even the odds in battle.

Lucas is a legionnaire skilled in melee combat. He can wield a sword and shield, or focus his energy toward handling a massive longsword. His goal is to avenge the deaths of his murdered family.

Every party needs a mage, and that's where Reinhart comes in. He uses a magical gauntlet to bend and manipulate the forces of destruction and creation, making him a tremendous asset in combat.

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  • I am pretty excited for this game. But I must remember that its Obsidian who is working on it. I really want the co-op to be split screen so my boyfriend and I can play together!! Heck it doesn't even have to be split screen. It can be like how Lionhead did Fable 3 and I would be happy!
  • Looks decent, not great, only time will tell.

  • I'ma play da Vanquisher. Er, Katarina. Maybe.

  • I can pass on this.

    The gameplay looks and feels like something I've played before, yet I still wouldn't mind playing it again.

  • Reinhart should have been named Ryckert!

  • reinhart also looks like mhe has been spending his time at the pub lol

    seriously he has a slight beer gut goin on

  • This game is looking better and better with every little detail coming to light.

  • I got suckered into Steam's pre-purchase deal!  "Get Dungeon Siege I and II for free?  Why not!  Nothing good is out now!  And I remember Dungeon Siege II was pretty good!"

    Yuck!  Don't get me wrong, Dungeon Siege II was good for its time, but I was shocked to see how much of a difference six years made.  It seems like, in memory, all the old classics are still good...  but in reality, they're so retrograde as to be almost unplayable!  Especially on my 27" monitor (which cost as much as my 20" monitor did four years ago!).  It looked so old and dated I couldn't play it.  I haven't even installed Dungeon Siege I, I'm afraid to even glimpse the horror of a game that old.  It's OK though, because I was going to buy DS3 anyway.