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Dungeon Siege III

Third Playable Character Revealed For Dungeon Siege III

Katarina – daughter of a Legion commander and a witch – has been revealed as the third playable character in Obsidian’s upcoming Dungeon Siege III.

Boasting talents in both warfare and witchcraft, Katarina attacks at long ranges with bullets and curses, and closes in for the kill with her pistol, shotgun, or canine companion.

Check out her official introduction below.


Katarina joins playable characters Lucas and Anajali, the stars of our most recent demo session. You can read our impressions here.  

Dungeon Siege III releases for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on May 31.

  • Is she the only character that uses guns?....and what are the other two characters?

  • Cool. I'm still not quite sure about this game, though. I'll have to wait for the reviews.

  • I've never played the Dungeon Siege series, but this is looking good. Should I play the first 2 first or should I jump right into this?
  • Those are some huge guns. In the art.

    Thankfully the model looks better.
  • Yes! GUNS! I don't know about anyone else...but I've always been irritated about the fact that in most fantasy worlds, the civilization seems to be perenially stuck in the horse-n-buggy era. Seriously, what's wrong with some guns? Locomotives? Steam power, for god's sake!
  • Sick!!

  • Looks pretty cool. I love a good action-RPG.

  • This is the type of game that just makes me flashback with Baldur's Gate, Diablo, Guantlet and whatnot (I opted to not state the obvious in listing its predecessors). Obsidian is a hit or miss organization, though, and I really hope this game succeeds in impressing people.

    I like how her rounds are magic, but the gameplay seems a little... clunky? In the video it did not seem too fluid. I know it is a demo, but how will this uphold in the massive battles later on? And how about the drop-in/drop-out multiplayer?

    Like I stated before, I hope does well. It is unfortunate on it's release date though. Right before Madness Returns is released.... I'll have to wait to complete Madness Returns before even thinking about Dungeon Siege III, but by that time Deus Ex will be knocking on the door which should tie me down until Skyrim.

    I'll make time to play Dungeon Siege III, but my point is that it has some heavy-hitters coming up around it.
  • I've been looking for a game like this for quite some time (I just can't bring myself to get back into baldur's gate, diablo, or gauntlet anymore because I put SO MANY Hours into them in the past).

    With GI's impressions though I can't believe how poorly they are implementing multiplayer. If they would have been smarter about it I think this game could have really been something. I don't get it though, its obvious that the way they are doing multiplayer is something no one could find pluses with as opposed to what games like diablo and gauntlet have done (drop in drop out multiplayer where all progress stays with your character).

    Is it some kind of technical hurdle that is tough to pull off and what they are doing is just that much easier? Not saying games are only good if they have solid multiplayer but with a game like this... come on it OOZES multiplayer
  • dang, that was pretty cool.

    should i get this or duke nukem? :D

  • if i can't drop in and drop out and bring my character and loot to my own game or any other co-op game then this title is lost for me.

    looks really good, but if it locks my options then i will have to find another game to spend my $ on.


  • I picked up and enjoyed the oringinal Dungeon Siege as well as the sequel, though I never even finished the second. Not quite sure the third will have any ability to draw me in based on the media they've released so far. The mechanics seem so dated and clunky.

  • I'm really hoping this game is good, it looks awesome.

  • she's just a morrigan wannabe lol