So, as my second review I have decided yet again to go with a tower defense game.  As any of the few people who have read my postings will know I have a predisposition towards these games.  So, please take that in mind when you read my review.

Controls- Smooth and responsive.  It can take a little bit to remember which hot keys do what, but once you get it figured out it functions like it is supposed to. 

Visuals- If I had to liken them to anything else it would have to be World of Warcraft.  The graphics are very cartoon-like and a little chuncky.  Personally I think they work great, and fit the quirky fun of this game.

Sound- Honestly I have taken almost no notice to the sound in this game.  There are very few annoying shout-outs, unless you count a Kobold letting out a suicide bomber scream before me unleashes his keg of explosives annoying.

Playability-  This game works like it is supposed to, a fast paced, third-person, tower defense, loot fest bring your friends, kill-a-palooza.  Multiplayer is pretty important in this game, as each character type has very different defense units to put on the field.  However the game does let you know how difficult each character class is to play during character creation.  It is very accurate.

My Thoughts

Pros- I think this game is amazing, a real must have.  If you played and enjoyed Trenched or Orcs Must Die then you are going to love this one as much as I do.  And please, for your own sanity, try some multiplayer, be it split screen or over Xbox Live. At the very least, especially if you are struggling, you might learn some creative tower placements or general strategy that might help you out. 

Cons- If you are looking for easy achievements then steer clear, these will take you some time.  As well, if you do not like playing with other people than this game is 100% only for diehard defense lovers. As well, the game is a bit cartoony for some people.