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Dungeon Defenders

Spice Up Your Dungeon Defense With Portals, Heavies

Indie tower defense/RPG Dungeon Defenders is getting some AAA talent. This DLC pack adds portal guns and Team Fortress familiars to the zany action for the upcoming PC release.

The Huntress gets access to Aperture Science's signature device, which generates paired portals that transmit heroes, projectiles, and enemies instantly between them like you'd expect.

Four Team Fortress familiars are available to all Dungeon Defenders, including turret-repairing Engineers, flame-throwing Pyros, ally-healing Medics, and bullet-spewing Heavies.

Why would you not want this free DLC pack? Mostly if you don't want to pick up Dungeon Defenders on Steam, since it's a bonus specifically for Valve's digital storefront.

Dungeon Defenders launches on PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network on October 19.

  • Sweet! Usually we have to resort to modders for this sort of thing. If only I had a gaming PC...


  • If only this PC had some beef.

  • I never thought I'd say this but.....portals are getting old. Come up with a new genre-redefining puzzle gameplay mechanic already!

  • nice.

  • i love portal but im tired of them being in so many steam games. Sure the turrets are fun to use in Bastion and im sure this is fun but i dont want to these everywhere. and then they put Gordon Freeman in some stupid top down racer? Valve is doing more work putting their thing in other games then they are making the games we really want. HALF LIFE 3

  • That's really cool, still thinking about picking it up or not.

  • And, like most games I want on my computer, this isn't mac supported. AWESOME
  • Well, you have to preorder it to get this pack, and I'm not sure if it's gonna be good. So.....
  • Everything is better with Portal Guns.

    Unfortunately, I was planning on getting this on Vita.

  • You mix Valve with anything, that anything will become awesome.

  • Pre-ordered last week and I am pumped. Didn't need the cross content for Portal of TF 2 though. Would be a fine game without it I'm sure.

  • The game itself looks kind of cool, but the portals look way over-powered.