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Duke Nukem Forever

Hands On With Duke Nukem Forever

After 14 years of development purgatory, a presumed death, and his subsequent resurrection thanks to Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford, Duke Nukem is ready to return to the spotlight. To see how the action hero has changed since his last ass-kicking escapade, we blasted our way through the first 90 minutes of the game.

Duke Nukem Forever begins with a familiar scenario that transports me immediately back to 1996 – the action hero is parked in front of a urinal unleashing his preternatural stream. After what seems like minutes, Duke wraps up his business and joins a collection of EDF soldiers gathered in a stadium locker room. The commander is in front of a dry erase board explaining the tactics for Operation C--k Block, the plan for preventing the aliens from making out with our ladies. Walking up to the board, Duke can erase it and create his own plan with a marker. I opt for drawing a giant gun aimed at an alien's head – simple but effective. Sun Tzu would be proud. Moving through the stadium tunnels and onto the gridiron, I come face to face with a giant Cycloid at midfield. A classic Duke Nukem boss battle ensues. I strafe oncoming missiles while doling out punishment with the Devastator and gathering the ammo that planes are dropping onto the field. After taking down the boss, Duke roughs up the beast and kicks its cyclops eye through the uprights in celebration of his victory. All hail the king, baby.

The camera pans out out from the football field, through a flat-screen television, and into an luxurious penthouse apartment on top of the Lady Killer casino in Las Vegas. Duke's holding a game controller while being pleasured by the Holsom Kids, two Lolita looking pop stars whose parents obviously taught them the value of sharing. Opulence – Duke has it. The young ladies ask Duke if he thinks the video game is any good, to which he curtly replies, “Yeah, but after 12 f---ing years, it should be.”

Dropping the game controller and grabbing the remote, Duke flips through channels and stumbles upon a commercial for the D---, It's Late Show. Tonight's guest? The one and only Duke Nukem. Before heading down to the studio on a lower level of the casino, I peruse Duke's impressive digs. With marble pillars, a wading pool, and vaulted ceilings in his living room, he's a perfect candidate for MTV Cribs. Walking into the lavish bathroom, I stare into the mirror and press the activity button. “You want to touch it, don't you,” Duke egomaniacally growls. These classic Duke moments aren't just there for laughs; the first time you perform ego boosting actions like admiring his physique in the mirror or lifting an absurd amount of weights, Duke's maximum ego bar, which acts as a health meter, increases.

Moving through the palatial penthouse, I check out a gallery of Duke paintings that portray his various exploits, which include donning an astronaut suit in space and scaling Mount Everest. Downstairs in the lobby I walk past a set of side doors holding back a flock of screeching women plastering their bodies against the window panes in hopes that Duke glances their way. Exploring the facility further, I walk into the green room just in time to catch a breaking news report. The aliens have returned to Earth, but the President is currently campaigning for peaceful talks aimed at strengthening ties. As I leave the green room and walk backstage, a young fan approaches Duke asking for an autograph. I take the copy of Why I'm So Great – Duke In His Own Words and a pen – it's up to me to fulfill the lad's dreams. Rather than try to master the sketchy Etch-A-Sketch style controls well enough to write something legible, I draw a crude hand with an extended middle finger and give the book back to the kid.    

Rather than being greeted with applause from the live studio audience, Duke pulls back the stage curtains to see an empty room save for the humbled talk show host. He explains the show has been canceled so the network can focus on covering the latest alien outbreak. Duke decides to head toward The Duke Cave where he can assess the situation, but on the way out of the studio he comes across an actor throwing a Christian Bale-style tantrum at a boom operator. I walk up to the delusional thespian and jack him in the jaw on my way toward the observation tower.  

I hop on the elevator, but right before Duke reaches his destination it suddenly stops. An emergency ladder deploys and I hop up to pry open the door. From the observation tower view it's evident that this isn't your average alien greeting party. Invading ships dominate the skyline, and the occasional alien runs up the casino windows. Once I reach the Duke Cave, the president and army general appear on video conference and both urge Duke to avoid retaliation. The president wants to give peace a chance, and has a meeting scheduled with the alien's high leader.

As Duke leaves the conversation in frustration, the aliens have started making themselves at home in Duke's casino, drinking Duke's beer and tearing up the casino floors. When Duke finds a soon-to-be-dead invader in his hallway, it charges the unarmed hero. I settle the score by hurling award trophies and dumbbells their way. Duke finally gets his hands on a gun and starts doling out justice in his typical machismo fashion, dropping one-liners as regularly as he reloads his weapon.

With the casino suffering intermittent power outages, Duke must navigate the darkened halls using his Duke Vision ability (think early-era night vision) to locate three misplaced energy cells. The first two are easy finds, but the third one requires Duke to drive an RC monster truck through an obstacle course in a locked office to push the remaining cell through a small opening in the floor.

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  • Sounds Awesome! Might just have to pick this one up. Sounds a lot more out there and comedic than Bulletstorm. Glad something that is not COD is coming out.

  • sounds fun im in

  • noticably dated? these screenshots look amazing!
  • I hope his game lives up to all the hype. I've been waiting to play it for a long time.

  • I'm glad there are a bunch of non-military shooters coming out this year. I picked up Black Ops last year out of curiosity because I had never played CoD but between Bulletstorm, Duke, Gears 3, and Resistance 3, I think I'll go back to my standard of ignoring the military shooter genre all together. As far as Duke in particular, Gearbox had my $60 the second they announced this. Hail to the king, baby!

  • I simply must get this game.

  • this game looks completely immature and dated...this is coming from a 15 year old. This game looks like something for a bunch of old gamers in their mid-life crysis
  • I am crying in laughter cause this game fricking awesome.

  • Glad to see they can make fun of their own game.

  • Video would be nice, you know. (:
  • It defies logic and everything we've learned about gaming over the years, but this actually looks promising. Maybe Gearbox should talk to Axl Rose......
  • Just think of all the things that have happened in the world since this was first announced 14 years ago. Even the things in gaming that have happened since then are mind boggling...I mean, this thing has been through development cycle after development cycle, and even 3 US Presidents! Some examples: Gran Turismo has had 5 iterations. Smackdown vs. Raw has had 10 games. There have been 13 World Champions in the NFL. This was announced when Aaron Rodgers was in Junior High!
  • My balls of steel cant wait to play this game

  • Character animations look horrible from the screen shots. Think i'll skip this one.

  • Duke Nukem is one of the most historical characters in gaming, but he's not for kids. Before their was a Chief, before their was a Denton, before their was a Freeman, there was a Duke lol

  • I SEE SOME (.v.) ON THAT PEN!!

  • i just overdosed on innuendos

    yeah i dont mind and reluctantly look forward to old school shooter sensibilities but it has to at least LOOK and PLAY cutting edge ... cuz if it looks and plays outdated all the Duke humor in the world aint gonna save this one.
  • Sweet

  • Here's to hoping this game turns out great, because I am siked to see it come out.

  • "If Gearbox can sharpen up the noticeably dated graphics, cure the occasional hitching, and keep changing the pace with non-shooting sequences that keep the action from becoming monotonous,"

    Way to late in the dev cycle to improve these issues.  Whenever I read GI saying a game needs improvement that spells poor review down the road.

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