Duke nukem started out as a PC shooter and blasted its way to consoles through the 1990's. duke nukem's first sequel on consoles was duke nukem 3D in 1996 and has ever since made smaller games appearing on the 5th generation systems. Duke nukem forever was in development for 15 years and was originally planned for release on the 6th or 5th generation platforms.3D Realms had officially stated that the game would be released simply when it's ready.  After years and years of development fans began to lose faith in the games release after developer 3D Realms was shut down and the project handed off. Soon tryptech games,piranha games,and gearbox software stepped in to finish the project in 2011 after being pushed back from may to a later release in june 2011.

The game was criticized for its graphics being outdated by a few years and for the time that took to develop the game. Another thing was that his whole shtick was outdated with one liners from the 90's. however I found this game very fun exciting and challenging. The graphics really don't look that outdated to me either. There is ego boost through out the game wich bumps up the health meter. You can also use steroids to get bigger mele attacks and drink beer to make you tougher. The boss battles take me back to classic duke nukem games and the pig cops return crazier than ever. There is also a sequence in wich duke makes fun of the master chief,Isaac from dead space ,and donkey kong. The multiplayer side of things is decent in wich your either red,blue,grey,or yellow dukes based on wich game you play like capture the babe,red vs blue. You can use any of the weapons from the campaign including the devastator and the freeze ray. Duke nukem also continues to get more DLC packs and free gamer pics. Although In the end of the campaign you defeat the final boss (wich kills the president) and hang on to the governor as the giant NUKE goes of wich sends you to a screen that's says duke is dead. After dukes voice over heads and says: "WTF?! I'm not dead, I'm still coming back for more!!" Wich to me sounds like a tease of another DUKE NUKEM installment. After the credits a sequence pops up that has reporters asking duke: " Duke you've saved the world again, what are you going to do now?" Duke replies: "I'm going to run for president" so my final virdict would be that if your a fan of the duke nukem series and really want to experience duke nukem play then Pick this thing up for around 2 to 5 bucks new and used.