Without a doubt, this is the most you can expect out of a game that has been redoe every time a new game engine comes out. Eventually the original idea vanishes entirely, and we're really left with a carbon copy of the original Duke 3D, only enhanced to last generation's standards.

The gameplay itself is no surprise, especially with the old bosses returning for another round. The extra interaction and mass of new one-liners mae up for some of the long dragged out levels as well. This game proves better in tight spots when bosses are not around.

A simple pair of exploits makes the final boss ridiculously easy to contend with on the hardest setting, which is both a relief and a dissapointment. Another boss' sheer intensity (and backup minions) within a tighter space made me sweat and scream in agony more often than with the long, dragged out final boss fight. I would advise developers to avoiid the lone henchman glith with future boss fights.

Many times the environment can play well with the gameplay. A dangerous climb up the Duke Burger tower is perhaps the most breathtaking part of the game before leading you into another old school claustaphobic shooting spree.

Overall, I'd say give Gearbox another chance with Duke. At least this time, they can start fresh, and perhaps give us a nw style of Duke in far less than the 15 years for D4ever to hit the shelves.