I'm a huge Duke fan! Have been since Duke 1, but I was so disapointed in this game! Especially waiting for like 15 years. I had this game paided off for mounths and I picked it up, took it home, and brought it back after about 30 minuts for a full refund.  It was huge pile of alien *** crap!  The AI was super inconsistent and you could only hold 2 weapons at a time...really!  Duke doesn't just hold 2 weapons at a time, come on.  If they would have spent as much time on a better health system, more ammo, and just more over the top gunplay thats makes Duke great, as all of the stupid interactive and useless crap, they would of had an awesome game!  I also know that so many people wanted this game to be so good and when we got to Wallyworld, it was closed...LOL and those "nails on a chalkboard" Wholesome twins basically ruined the game for me they were like Jar-Jar Binks meets Paris Hilton meets Jessica Simpson!!! For crist sakes.. nothing needs to be that anoying in any game.  The difficulty was really eratic and what was with the pigcops being mindless bezerkers. All and all I think they should have just done an HD version of Duke3D, and I think they would have sold more copies because at least we know it would have been good!


P.S. this was my opinion and to each their own :)