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DuckTales: Remastered

DuckTales: Remastered Explores The African Mines

Launchpad McQuack recently walked us through what to expect in the Himalayas, and now he's back to offer some tips about the African Mines.

You can check out the video below which shows off new enemies and gameplay. There is also a new collection of screens in the gallery below. For more on the game, check out the most recent "duckumentary."

DuckTales: Remastered is coming to the PlayStation Network, Wii U, and PC on August 13. The game will be available in its retail form on August 20 and Xbox 360 on September 11. The retail version of the game is exclusive to PlayStation 3, and will include a case, a collectible pin, and a download code. The retail version will not include a disc version of the game.

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  • Loved this show as a kid

  • Never played the original game. Guess I'll have to check it out.
  • I played the original and thought is was charming. I do plan to download this on the PS3 to check it out. So far it has been looking pretty good.

  • I need to support this just so Darkwing and Chip & Dale get a chance.
  • There are rumors that the retail version will also be for Wii U. I'd like to see that, honestly. Even if it is just a download code.
  • Why...ummm...why is the Xbox 360 version coming out on 9/11?

  • On a side note, has anyone pointed out to Capcom that a plastic box with a download code doesn't really constitute a "retail release"?

  • The screenshot of the slug scares me. Click on it and see! The eyes....

  • The day this gem launches can't come soon enough. I watched this show back in the day when it was on TV, and although I never got to play the original game, I am dying to give this remastered edition a try.

  • I really wanted to play this

  • This game looks like something I would enjoy on the Wii U gamepad. I'm actually a ps3 fanboy, but I think Nintendo is using hypnotizing or brainwashing, because I'm addicted to playing games on the gamepad screen. Which reminds me, now that I've got the ps4 preordered I'm gonna have to pony up for a vita, so I can have a similar experience. Very smart move by Sony, it might be a gimmick, but I still think it's a pretty sweet feature. I think the best move is to wait on that though, because even though I have no source on this, I just get the feeling that the vita is going to get a price drop after the holidays.
  • Awesome!  I loved the TV show as a kid, and I loved the video just as much.  I can't wait to buy this and play it!  I played the emulator of this on my modded original Xbox a decent bit, and it's still super fun to play.