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DuckTales: Remastered

DuckTales Remastered Retail PlayStation 3 Release Gets Box Art

DuckTales Remastered is getting a retail release on the PlayStation 3, and now we know what it will look like.

You can check out the box, and see what included pin looks like, above. The game is coming to the PlayStation Network, Wii U, and PC.

For more on the game, head here to see a behind the scenes video.

[Source: Capcom Unity]

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  • Is this some kind of cult classic? I still don't get its appeal really.
    But if people enjoy it, I'm happy they get a chance to replay some of their past/childhood.
  • How much is this game going to cost? No more than $20 I hope
  • It's gonna be $14.99 (just digital)  $19.99 for box, digital code and pin. And releases August 13th digitally and the 20th for box, code, pin.


  • Wait... so you buy the case, but it's still just a digital copy? So it will just be a case with a pin and a piece of paper?
  • What a stupid idea.

  • I'll probably get this on Steam.
  • What happened to the 360 version that was coming out?
  • did don rosa do the cover?  if so that's awesome.

  • Awesome

  • I played this on the NES way back in the day. I don't see why it needed a remake.

  • What a waste of... everything.

  • I'll definitely be getting the retail. Much like Luigi U, not only do I prefer owning the disc, but the box art looks great! Nostalgia trip, here I come!(Never mind, it would seem you just get a download code in the box. Still, love the box art, and I'll get the retail.)
  • I want the box

  • It's also coming to xbox
  • i used to love playing this...can't wait...

  • I'm so excited and happy that an old classic like DuckTales has had the support that the was needed to bring it back to life and can't wait for the release day. ^_^

  • :) I want this, and I will have it. I'm glad it's a download code though, 'cuz I like the idea of having a game like this accessible all the time from the XMB. Still, they should've printed it on a disc as well. Gonna be weird to open an empty jewel case. Little badge thing or no.

    Wonder why only Sony gets this boxed release? Nintendo's system is the one that desperately needs retail releases.

    I like the idea of digital titles getting "promoted" to budget retail releases. Not a lot of games deserve the treatment, but there are some DLG's that are excellent, earn the bump in price and deserve the hype/attention/buzz afforded by getting physical discs. Not to mention, consoles could use those types of "double dips" or re-releases to fill up gaps in their release schedules'. I like seeing this kind of thing.
  • I am all quacked up for this game!

  • Can't wait to get this! NES platforming at it's finest with HD visuals!:)

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