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DuckTales: Remastered

New Videos And Screens Show Off DuckTales: Remastered In All Its HD Glory

Capcom has released two new gameplay videos and a collection of screenshots for the upcoming HD remake of the NES classic, DuckTales.

You can check out the two new videos below, which showcase The Amazon and Transylvania levels. You can also check out some new screens in the image gallery below.

DuckTales: Remastered was announced earlier this year, a game they have been coordinating with Disney to bring to fruition since 2010. Capcom has also confirmed that the original voice cast will be providing performance for the game, and recently announced that the game will come to PC alongside consoles.

Capcom has yet to confirm a solid release date, but we know it will be sometime this year.

[Source: Capcom Unity]

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  • Sometime this year? This has been in the works for awhile now.
  • I hope we get a release date next week. I bet it releases in July.

  • I can't be the only one who thinks the 2d characters on a 3d background cheapens the games visuals?
  • Sounds like they did a great job with updating the BGM. Didn't stray too far from the orig, but definitely jazzed it up... Heh heh... 'Jazzed'


  • Hey, I wonder if there will be race cars,lasers aeroplanes? But you know,you might solve a mystery or rewrite history..
  • I really wish they'd make an Uncle Dolan game.
  • As coming from someone who know nothing about ducktales, this does look pretty good.

  • I'm quite upset that this won't be immediately released for the 3DS!

  • Yes, the kept the music!!!

  • Whenever I see these remasters I think it's a great idea, but when I actually play them I am reminded that while at the time these games were good I certainly don't want to go back to that era.
  • Can't wait for this other than Mario and sonic this is one of those games that I remember most vividly from my childhood

  • oh, this brings back so many memories...can't wait for this game...

  • Oh man this game takes me way back to the good ol' days ahhh....

  • I loved this game back in the day, but I have certainly outgrown it. My kid on the ohter hand will appreciate it I'm sure.

  • makes me want to read some don rosa and carl barks comix.

  • YAY, I can't wait until this comes out!

  • Hopefully they have a trial or demo for this one. I want to play it before I buy it since I never played it on snes idk what to expect.
  • Just take my money...

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