Driver San Francisco, is the best installment of the Driver series. The graphic renderings are fantastic, there are very few glitches, and the over-all game-play is a must try for any racing adventurer. Every vehicle with the exception to the Porsche is licensed, which makes a huge difference in the legitimacy of racing simulations. Beyond the racing components, there is an endless amount of challenges both on and off the maps and numerous exploits one can do, that pack in hours and hours of excitement and fun.

The story line takes place after crime boss Chris Jericho, the main protagonist, escapes from prison. John Tanner, over obsessed with keeping Jericho behind bars, takes it upon himself to see Jericho through a prison transfer. As you could expect things go awry and Jericho escapes. The subsequent pieces of the game have you investigate how Jericho escapes, what he is up to, and how you might capture him.

The story line is a tad extreme, and by that I mean completely unbelievable. But so as to not spoil the story line, the basic premises, is you, John tanner, are caught in a coma, but unlike a normal coma, you can leave your body, and enter others to push the story forward. This includes the ability to alter your environment, when the need arises. you have the ability to leave your car, enter another and stop traffic, create blockades, or even ram an enemy head-on to complete the mission. You will progress this way through much of the story, and will be able to use these powers through all of the side missions, with exception to the challenges found inside of your Garages.

 The Good: The graphics are incredible. The character renderings, the environment, the cars, completely sound, and very few glitches, make this a must see on any HDTV. The steering, drifting, even damages, are mostly real, with a nice variety of different drive types per each vehicle. There are too many cars, trucks, buses, and semi's to mention here, and why would I? That would just spoil all the fun! The story line, though ridiculous, is very intriguing and interesting, it keep me guessing until the very end.


The Bad: Well one critic is the story line. What makes this game so interesting, is also what takes away from the game. You cannot help but think to yourself as you push through the game, how ridiculous it is. There are nothing but praises for the racing simulation and the challenges, but the map is rather large, and you do not have to complete any of the challenges to complete the story line, which makes it mundane after the story is over, that there are at least a hundred side missions to complete.

All in all I give it an 8.5, this is a must play, and something any gamer would get several fun hours out of maybe more. I know I had at least 24 gaming hours on it, to beat it almost completley, and I hope maybe they can figure out a way to come up with another one in the future. For all the collector's out there, they are few and far between but there is a collector's edition with a fantastic model of John Tanner's car. Actually it's among the best collector's editions I have seen which adds to the value of this racing simulator.