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Three Driveclub Videos Show Off A Work In Progress

When Sony made the decision to put off Driveclub’s release to 2014, the reactions were mixed. Many wondered why the delay was necessary, hoping to see more of the game in its current state.

On the Driveclub Facebook page, the team at Evolution studios has shared three short videos. These were all captured directly on the PlayStation 4 and are labeled as “PS4 Share Moments.” Each is very brief, but shows off the current state of the title.

The notes suggest that Evolution will be spending its extra time working on the AI, improving lighting, tuning up the audio, and enhancing the reflections in the in-car mirrors. Driveclub doesn’t have a fixed release date at this point, with Sony only committing to “early 2014.”

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  • I haven't looked at DriveClub because I am more excited for GT. Here's an interesting video though, not just about DriveClub.
  • I can't wait for AC4... oh, this articles about DriveClub? Well what do you know. I couldn't tell after watching the same 30 second trailer three times before a grand total of 26 seconds of DriveClub footage. On that note, DriveClub looks sharp, but to me doesn't look like much more than a generic racer. I just don't see what the big attraction to the game will be beside to look at the pretty graphics.
  • The graphics look great but did anyone else feel like it's just way to dark?
  • Hmm, seems to be a racing game.
  • Those were short, but sweet. Nice graphics.

  • Still upset over the delay with the console being a month away.  Not going to bother looking at this (Or Watch Dogs) until they are actually on the shelf.

  • I'm looking forward to this game. I'm also looking forward to sitting on Santa's lap without incurring a restraining order.

  • This game looks amazing!  Six months (give or take) is nothing to worry about if the game is better because of the delay.

  • Good thing they delayed, those environments look like garbage.

  • I am excited about this game but delaying it was the right idea.

  • Those 30 seconds is better than the entire Forza 5 game. Just imagine what it will be like to PLAY DriveClub.
  • A shame that Driveclub got delayed. I wasn't into it or racing in general, but this was yet another mark against Playstation's Day 1 launch. Kinda weird how it's still advertised in Sony's "Perfect Day" PS4 launch commercials. . .

  • I liked Motorstorm better. Both as a franchise and also as a system showpiece.

    Motorstorm stood out because it did unique things with materials and physics, not to mention settings & tracks. Driveclub seems to be doing a lot of the same things as NFS: Rivals, Forza 5 and The Crew. They all are just building in the, "game-destroying DRM that ruined SimCity" - excuse me. I obviously meant - "the amazing, next gen, always connected social features" into their core racing experience. A core racing experience built around real tracks and/or real cars, with the same art direction of "realism".

    I just wish someone decided to try something new in this space. Or something that represents another segment of the racing genre that we haven't seen in a long time, at least. Like when SSX came out at PS2 launch. Or Excite Truck for the Wii. Heck, Mad Dash Racing showed up for the Xbox1 launch. Hydro Thunder & Wave Race for the Dreamcast & Gamecube, etc. Those were all racing games too. Why always with real, licensed cars and the same, real tracks nowadays?