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Sony Releases Four DriveClub Gameplay Videos

These videos were taken from DriveClub's Gamescom 2013 demo. Now, those of us who couldn't fly all the way to Germany can see it for ourselves.

  • I like how you can see a person's score that you try to overtake. Nice sense of speed and car sound. I was getting pumped just watching the video wanting to play it just to see if I could beat the other person's score lol.

    Also on the topic of frames per second, KillZone: Shadow Fall runs multiplayer at 1080p 60fps. So I assume it's not hard to reason Drive Club could also support 1080p 60fps as well. Besides, once developers get a year or two under their belt, no telling what they will be able to achieve. I got my info from this interview with the game director on Shadow Fall. Link:

  • It looks good but I wasn't expecting it to be more on the Arcade side of things. I would definitely like to get my hands on it before making a final decision.

  • "Fly all the way to Germany" -- You think 95% of the world lives in America <.< ?