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BeamNG's Amazingly Realistic Car Crashes

While I grew up with games like Pole Position and Rad Racer, driving games never really clicked with me until I played Burnout 2 (and more recently Criterion's Need for Speed titles). The risk of crashes and, more importantly, the ability to knock opponents out of the race with well-timed takedowns, made all the difference. Maybe that's why BeamNG's Drive captured my attention.

BeamNG has been at work since 2011 on a new soft body physics engine for their in-development title, Drive. As you'll see in the video below, progress is coming along nicely. 

The title is currently in Alpha, and you can buy in right now for three different locales, including an industrial complex, a tropical island, a more temperate region, and three others. Five customizable vehicles are currently available, and more design-savvy users can edit the terrain using any combination of 3D modeling, image editing, and text editing software.

BeamNG plans to add demolition derbies, races, delivery missions, police chases, and a free-roaming career mode as development progresses. You can find out more and purchase Alpha access for $15 on the studio's website.


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  • Awesome, i hope more car games pick up this idea

  • Now just add the bodies flying out like rag dolls with the gore to match and you got yourself a godd*mn deal...for AA meetings.
  • Buying this when I get home to help support them. They are in the process of making the car sim game I've wanted since Driver and GTA 3 hit the market.

  • Looks awesome!   Anyone remember Destruction Derby or Driver for the PS One?

    Those games were Hella Fun

  • All this to be used to scare the living daylights out of driver's ed students. . . or just make Need for Speed even more of a scrap-filled does of mayhem, whichever does a bigger public service.

  • This reminds me of the stunt courses in the "Rush" series for the N64

  • Who needs real physics when we have ridiculous virtual physics? In Burnout 3's crash mode, my dad landed a garbage truck perfectly on top of an oil tanker. The resulting explosion launched the truck so high that you couldn't see it anymore! It finally landed more than thirty seconds later, causing minimal damage. It was the greatest replay I ever viewed in any game ever. Period.

  • If they have steering wheel compatible, im buying a new pc just for that alpha demo!!!!!!! I have been dreaming of a real sim all my life!!!

  • Impressive.
    Look forward to being a crash test dummy soon enough.

  • I hope upon hope these cats realize the potential market as a middleware developer. I'd love to see this tech in a AAA class game.

  • Will be interesting to see how this progresses as they get further along.

  • If I was a billionare, I would be more than happy to give BeamNG $1,000,000!

  • This game is amazing. It has a few kinks in terms of stability but still in very early Alpha. If you enjoy physics or just wrecking cars in general definitely check it out! I also have done a gameplay video if you're curious