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BeamNG's Amazingly Realistic Car Crashes

While I grew up with games like Pole Position and Rad Racer, driving games never really clicked with me until I played Burnout 2 (and more recently Criterion's Need for Speed titles). The risk of crashes and, more importantly, the ability to knock opponents out of the race with well-timed takedowns, made all the difference. Maybe that's why BeamNG's Drive captured my attention.

BeamNG has been at work since 2011 on a new soft body physics engine for their in-development title, Drive. As you'll see in the video below, progress is coming along nicely. 

The title is currently in Alpha, and you can buy in right now for three different locales, including an industrial complex, a tropical island, a more temperate region, and three others. Five customizable vehicles are currently available, and more design-savvy users can edit the terrain using any combination of 3D modeling, image editing, and text editing software.

BeamNG plans to add demolition derbies, races, delivery missions, police chases, and a free-roaming career mode as development progresses. You can find out more and purchase Alpha access for $15 on the studio's website.


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  • Put this in GTA VI, please.
  • We've come a long way from Pong.
  • Very nice indeed!

  • My initial reaction was "wow this is amazing, this is the kind of car physics I've always wanted in gta" but then I thought.. Would that really be fun? I mean yeah it'll be cool as hell to look at, but then you would probably also die from every high speed crash, eh guess we'll have to wait until gta VI or VII to see.
  • These crash physics are... beautiful! This will make those crash based racing games that much more fun
  • That's pretty dang impressive.

  • That's just too cool.

  • Don't you ever wonder when someone is finally going to implement all of these little, amazing pieces of technology (car crashs, characters animation, facial animation, environment rendering, destructability, etc) and put them all into one playable game? It seems like we always see this amazing tech in completely isolated pieces, but it never actually ends up in anything I get to play. Why on earth doesn't criterion buy this tech and put it in burnout? It makes no sense to me. It's probably some impossible feat of computer engineering to make it all work on a home console, but can't we at least get one or two of them in a game? There is nothing more important than making the crashes in burnout or need for speed look like that, totally dynamic and logical in their destruction. WHEN?
  • I'm in the same boat, Mike. Always messed with racing games but never really got into them until the more recent, dynamic crashes and physics came into play. One of my favorite games of 2011 was Driver: San Francisco. Such an incredibly fun game.

  • Anyone know if anyone has developed something like this for buildings?
  • I was hoping for a bit more realism. The models are all fairly low poly, and the physics are very bouncy. It's commendable yes, as it is all real-time, but it's not a humongous leap from the crumpling metal effects from Burnout Paradise (an early 2008 game no less). In fact, those appear far more detailed and less bouncy. I'll keep an eye on this, but as it stands I was hoping for more.
  • Ghost Cars the game. But in all seriousness the car crashes look great.

  • Pretty cool crash physics and animations.  Not enough to make me want to buy the game though.  They should license that tech to major companies.

  • I loved their car physics videos but I didn't know they were making a game! Hopefully I can afford it

  • The physics are a little... soft? I say that because that's what they call it, but the cars look flimsy when they hit something. The damage looks pretty spot on, and other elements of the physics are great, but the car panels just seem a little off. On a more positive note, the actual driving physics look fantastic. It looks like it would be fun just to drive around, for a time.
  • Release title for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. About time they made a new demolition derby game!!
  • That's weird, i've seen this before like a year ago or more, well at least the pick up truck demo, but it was under a different user's name.

  • if this was in a gta game i'd be blown away

  • Mix the physics engine running this and the ground deformation engine from Spintyres and you would make a brilliant racing game.

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