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Drakengard 3

Director Shares Design Philosophy Through Puppet

Drakengard 3 director Taro Yoko doesn't usually like interviews, which is why he decided to speak about his game behind a puppet.

In the video, you will learn about how the September 11 tragedy influenced the development of one of Yoko's previous game's, Nier, and how the demand to kill things and be stronger than others influences the creation of so many games. Yoko also talks about how changing the gender of the game's protagonist probably wouldn't have ultimately affected the game's storyline or direction.

You can check out the strange video interview below.

For our review of Drakengard 3, which released today, head here.

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  • Didn't your writer Kim say it basically sucks so........ now what?
  • I wish there were more interviews like this, at least on major sites like this. It's cool and all to get the usual "look at the game we're making and how cool it is go buy it" videos but there's *so* much more we could get out of the coverage that GI and others do. I mean obviously it's not as marketing-friendly but it's probably worth it anyway.
  • Mod

    That was an insanely interesting interview and really gave me some insight on the state of an industry where the sole purpose of everything is to "conquer". When you really think about it though, isn't that really the goal of humanity?

    Also, he broke the PR interview fourth-wall... like... so many times. IT WAS AWESOME!

  • That was nice seeing someone make an effort to really say something of substance. I hope the industry can change as I like games that aren't focused on killing more anyways. Games like this can have meaning beyond gameplay mechanics like Persona 4 Golden. I truly love that game and even though there is killing of shadows; it's about relationships and stories between people.

  • How did he know where the subtitles would be? Is he psychic? Is the puppet psychic?

  • Quick introspective head lean at 3:11. This guy's a puppet master