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Drakengard 3

Drakengard 3's Pre-Order & Collector's Edition Details

Update: Both the standard and Collector's edition of Drakengard 3 will be sold only through the Square Enix online store.

Accordingly, the different pre-order bonuses are also only at the company's store.

For more details on the pre-order campaign and the different editions, please check out the original story below.


Original Story:

Square Enix has announced both the pre-order and Collector's Edition details for Drakengard 3, and as far as the pre-order goes, it's going to pay to do it early.

For those who pre-order the PlayStation 3 title (out on May 20) through March 3 will get the Japanese voiceover DLC as well as two unannounced bonuses. Pre-order the title from March 4 to April 8 and you'll get just the two unannounced bonuses. Finally, pre-order Drakengard 3 April 9 until launch and you'll only get one of the bonuses.

Also, the game's Collector's Edition (limited to 5,000 copies) contains:

  •  All three pre-order bonuses
  • Soundtrack sampler
  • The game's novella
  • Prequel stage DLC (play as Zero's sister, One, for one level)
  • Caim constume DLC (while equipped; decreases stamina usage by half when using a skill)
  • Giant baby hat DLC (for your dragon)
  • Poster

The Collector's Edition is available for $79.99 only at the Square Enix online store.

Finally, here's the game's opening movie:

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  • Loking very nice, a interesting story! to bad i sell my ps3!

  • I would totally get this if it was on PS4 :/

  • I'm hoping this game turns out good. I liked the previous games on PS2.

  • Snazzy. I may have to get this.

  • I'd be interested in this if they put the first two on the PSN store. I'd like to play these from the beginning. Is there an actual story line between games or is it like Final Fantasy/Tales of where each game is their own thing? Thanks to anybody who replies.
  • I'm getting the LE. This is actually the one game I'm actually looking forward to the most.

  • Why do another game. This game sucks hard.
  • I need to find a bush. Stat.

  • Is Drakengard related in any way to Drakensang or The Dark Eye?
  • This game peeked my interest. I will get the CE. I will buy it and play it on my bro's PS3, since he has his PS4. Cheaper that way, than going out and buying one. xD

  • If I can afford it I might snag the CE. I like the small throwback to Caim.

  • I will have to check into this more my interest just went up a few notches.

  • Japanese voiceover DLC? Taking nickel and diming to whole new level.

  • I wonder how GameStop will react.

  • So I can pre-order this at other stores right just no bonus goodies right?

  • Yay, more giant babies!

    Kill the grotesqueries!

  • Thanks for the heads up Kato! I am definitely getting this. NieR may not be the best game of this past console generation, but it is definitely one of my favorites and I don't think there are many games that disturbed me and moved me the way it did.

  • I just pre ordered mine. If you want the collectors edition you better hurry.

    Sqaure Enix's site states that only 5000 copies are being made.

  • Theyre limiting where to buy from? No amazon
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