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Drakengard 3

A New Look At Drakengard 3

Square Enix and developer Access Games have released new screens for mature-themed Japanese RPG Drakengard 3.

The game is scheduled to come out some undisclosed time in 2014 (it has just released in Japan) exclusively for the PlayStation 3, and it features the anti-hero Zero as she tries to kill her sisters.

Drakengard 3 features both real-time action combat as well as dragon-based aerial combat.

For more on the game, take a look at what the game's producer, Takamasa Shiba, had to say.

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  • This game looks great!

  • I've never played Drakengard before (I played for like 10 minutes at a friend's house just to kill time), but I like the sound of this game. Definitely gonna pick it up.

  • why is there a flower coming out of her eye?
  • I'm excited for this. I can't wait to see some in-game action.

  • This game looks super dated in the screen shots. I wonder if this is going to play just like the ps2 games as well.
  • I would like some clarification on the "mature-themed" portion of this. Do you mean it in a violence and gore kind of way, a character study way, a heavy issues/ complex philosophical ideas kind of way, or an adult entertainment kind of way?
  • Oh man that flower across her face made it look like she had a hideous scar or mutation from a previous encounter. I was excited till made out it was actually a flower... another typical JRPG?
  • I went and found Drakengard 1 and 2 just because this games mature looking tone spoke to me. Gotta say, they're well done.
  • Looking forward this game.

  • I can't wait to get this!

  • I actually liked the Drakengard series,interesting story, but I really hope the combat is significantly improved this time around. Give us some nuances to work with other than mash X and Y SE.
  • I have yet to play Nier but I'll be keeping an eye on this game.