(This will be occasionally updated until the achievements roster is completely filled. When DLC releases and I beat it, I will then update that with achievements as well. Last Updated: June 6th 2012.)

First of all, before I begin with this well-needed guide, I would like to say that I would most likely give Dragon's Dogma a score around the 8.25 to 8.75 range. If this is somehow a really low score for your standards, you absolutely abhor RPGs and their brethern, then this probably isn't the game for you to try, unless you're looking for some quality achievements. Either way, I hope you will at least enjoy reading this guide, as well as the experience it will grant you and knowledge within the game itself. As a disclaimer, I have (as of Today, June 4th, 2012) earned every single achievement in Dragon's Dogma save the one entitled The Laborer. It will be included however, because it is one of those self-explanatory achievements that I merely have not had the time to complete yet. Anyway, let's begin! Also, warning- there will be spoilers! If you do not wish to ruin your playthrough, then do not read the marked achievements. Of course, if you cannot resist- then read ahead and weep. ;-)

Easiest Achievements:

The Patron: Give money to Madeleine and come meet her later near the Black Cat shop for an alternative dialogue scene. Eventually, you will earn the achievement- either after the dialogue ends or after you have rested, depending on your game.

Into the Frontier Caverns: Simply enough, visit the Southwestern caves. This can be accessed via the Shadow Fort, after having already cleared it of its goblin menace.

Into the Manse: If you've already completed the prerequisite of "meeting a maiden" in one of the castles, then you can opt to actually find this maiden near to the end of the main questline. Simply return to the castle and take on the quest into the Blighted Manse.

Into the Soulflayer Canyon: Throughout the quest titled The Conspirators, you will enter the Soulflayer East Gate and have a chance to enter the actual canyon as well. Beware of bandit and cyclops assaults, as well as one by a cockatrice should you have already completed the quest where one assaults the capitol...

Into the Ancient Quarry: Lying to the north west of Gran Soren and connecting Central and Southern Gransys, the quarry will be easily accessible yet crawling with enemies until you clear them out. It also serves as a shortcut from Witchwood and Shadow Fort to the Capitol.

Into Dripstone Cave: This is easy enough, however it may take awhile to get, as you must first complete the main quest. After having done so, return to the starting village, and the area where you met the first pawn. Soon enough you will encounter a craven knight, who tells you of mysterious noises coming from the well... Enter the well to gain this achievement, but beware hat you may encounter...

Affinity and Beyond: Simply complete as many quests as possible- or at least two depending on size, for a character (normally of the opposite sex) or give them gifts and you will most likely earn this achievement. Can easily be completed with Madeleine of the Duke's female companion.

The Escort: Simply complete one escort mission to gain this small achievement.

A Queen's Regalia: Simply find women's clothing for one of your male party members and equip it to them. Sit back and feel the laughter come as you recall Fable 3's cross dressing achievements as well... You took a leaf from the wrong book Capcom... ;-)

The Artisan: This achievement can be earned by combining two new items or replacing one of the items in an old piece of equipment with a new item. Examples of easy earns are lamps and other small items.

The Knave:The goal of this achievement is to obtain a forgery or an object that cannot normally be duplicated or of one that is semi-unique. Your best bet is to head to the Black Cat for a copy of a Wakestone or The Maker's Finger- should you be lucky enough to ever find and possess it.

The Savior: Either obtain a Wakestone from the Blacksmith quests in Gran Soren or through other means, but whichever way you figure out how to gain one- be sure to use it on a fallen companion in order to bring them back to life and earn this achievement.

Inhuman Resources: In order to gain this achievement, you must change your main pawn's vocation to another vocation such as fighter, etc. This is easily done, however, you must travel to the inn in the capitol of Gran Soren in order to do so. Speak with the main innkeeper until the 'change vocation' dialogue pops up. Afterwards you should earn the achievement.

Foreign Recruit: If you have a Riftstone, enter the rift and recruit someone else's pawn to your cause. Be careful, as you may have to rid yourself of one of your existing pawns in order to do so...

Local Recruit: When given the option to recruit someone from your world, and not through the rift- do so! When you speak to wandering characters around the world of Gransys, the option to recruit them may eventually pop up. Take it for this easy achievement.

Human Resources: This achievement is earned just about the same as the Inhuman Resources achievement. When you visit the capitol, head to the inn and choose to change your main character's vocation in addition to your pawns'.

Freedom:  Meet a woman named Quince in the Pawns Guild near the Rift Stone, then journey to Everfall if you already have 20 Wakestones. Eventually, when you leap from one of the high ledges, a portal will appear and you will earn this achievement.

Treacherous: After completing most of the game, and reaching the ending- go into the postgame moments and return to Gran Soren to visit the Duke. Upon leaving the Duke's place, a cutscene should occur- earning you the Treacherous achievement and a spoiler-free secret from moi.