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Dragon's Dogma

Quick 15: Dragon’s Dogma

Core team member from the Devil May Cry series have been working on Capcom’s open-world RPG for some time now, but how close will this Japanese team get to emulating Kingdoms of Amalur’s – or even Skyrim’s – success? We take a peek at the game’s first 15 minutes.

Dragon's Dogma hits North America on May 22 and Europe on May 25. Check out our TGS preview of the game here.

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  • I'm gatting a Raging Dragon in my pants.

  • If you listen closely when the dragon is falling from the sky, the audio sound for the harpes are that of the Giaprey from Monster Hunter.

  • This game looks amazing but I don't know if I will buy it because I still have to finish KoA: Reckoning

  • The game looks good just don't think it's my style...

  • The combat looks levels above anything you can do in Skyrim.

  • Looks okay. The HUD is way too full of worthless info like what the buttons do and what the pawns are saying but I imagine allthat is optional. Not sure how I feel about the pawns either. Not a huge fan of AI controlled teammates.

    I really want this game to be good. Looks like I'm gonna have to wait to see what the overall reaction to it is before I run out and buy it at launch.

  • That was one large dragon.  Also, I guess I don't watch enough of these since I found it odd to not have commentary!