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After months of dedication and many replays of the demo I have finally got my hands on Dragon’s Dogma. Since first breath of the name I have been itching to play and get involved in this world created by developers that have worked on other projects such as Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.

Dragon’s Dogma is an RPG set in the large open world of Gransys, a world filled with Greek mythological creatures, goblins, trolls, and of course Dragons. The start of the game puts you in the shoes of an unknown knight destined to kill the Dragon, as you progress through the area the game teaches you the basic skills of the game and introduces you to your companions you will have throughout the game called Pawns. After finding your team of Pawns you take out a few enemies then encounter your first boss a Chimera, this is where the game mechanics get interesting. One of the major new mechanics in this game is the “grab” system, it literally allows you to grab hold of larger creatures in the game and climb on them towards there weak spot and hack away while holding on for dear life. I found this quite amusing as sprint full ball and launching yourself at the enemy then grabbing hold of their face then continue on to stab it with your sword. After defeating the Chimera the unknown hero opens a large door to the unknown, ending the tutorial.

Then it is onto the character creation screen allowing you to choose the sex of your character (which more games should include) and then search through a plethora of pre defined facial features to develop you character. The game also takes you characters size into consideration for their statistics a smaller character will move more slowly but will have more stamina, while a larger character can carry more and use more stamina. After character creation then you see the intro movie where the dragon has chosen you, steals your heart and you have been revived as the Arisen.

After you have awaken you get to choose between the three usual RPG classes Warrior, Archer and Mage then you head out into the world. Exploration in Dragon’s Dogma is fun your character can jump onto most ledges you can see with exploring every nook rewarding you with an item or gold. The quests are fairly interesting and may have a story leading onto further quests within the game as a result of your choices. The fighting in the game you can feel a presence of the Devil May Cry development team and being a Mage lights up your screen in an array of colours. It isn’t until night where the Resident Evil feel comes into play, the world gets dark... very dark. Wolf’s will pounce at you from the darkness and zombies will scramble out of the ground. If you’re lucky enough you brought a lamp before you went exploring and grabbed some oil to fill it if on the off chance it flickers and runs out. I played the game on normal difficulty and found that the game was quite a challenge at points but there is an easy option for those players who value adventuring.

Once you progress further down the story you come to making your pawn. You give your pawn a name and have the same amount of freedom creating them as you did your character.  Your pawn will be with you for the rest of the game and will help you as much as they can by killing creatures to finding items and hidden areas. You can also hire up to two other pawns, either ones you come across adventuring or you can go online and use pawns other people have created. When you rest at a tavern your pawn will become available online, where other players can hire them to venture in their world. After that player has finished with them they can be given a gift and you will earn rift crystals also, any experiences that pawn has encountered will also carry over. These experiences could be a new weakness to an enemy, secret area or chest location. These Rift crystals are the currency used to buy other pawns that are higher level than your main character allowing you to venture with more ease.

The party managing system is broken into two menus equipment and items which can be a bit cumbersome switching between characters. Hoarders can rejoice as your local tavern will hold your belongings you and your (most likely) over-encumbered pawns can store, be aware that some items such as fish and meat spoil if left for too long.

Overall I have found that Dragon’s Dogma was a great experience and I recommend it to players who want a challenge and those who like RPG games. If you are looking to eradicate that RPG itch this is a game for you. New gamers to the genre should start with normal difficulty but there is no shame going to easy if the game is too hard.