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Dragon's Dogma

Capcom Shows Off A Glimpse Of The Golem

Dragon's Dogma has been pulling its enemy roster from classic mythology, featuring enemies such as chimeras, hydras, and griffins. That trend is continuing, with the reveal of the game's golem creature.

As you can see in the gallery below, the towering enemy looks to be a formidable opponent. If his stature isn't imposing enough, there's the fact that Capcom says he is equipped with a "GIANT LASER BEAM" (their emphasis).

Look for the game on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. Also, check out our E3 preview to get a sense of what Dragon's Dogma is all about.

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  • Oh ***! I haven't heard anything about this game but i'm going to look it up now.

  • yep this game is still looking sweet

  • Looks cool but how do you live without a heart?
  • The GFX look pretty awesome!

  • For years and years Ive wondered why in the world golems aren't equipped with GIANT LASER BEAMS that shoot out of their face.  I mean, its just an obvious must.  Everything is better when its equipped with giant laser beams.  Sharks, squirrels, clowns, dolphins....anything.  And of course golems.  

    Far out Capcom.  Far out.  

  • that is a really big enemy to have to go up against. Bringing him down is going to be awesome!
  • I will gladly use the cancellation of Legends 3 as an excuse to ignore this title.
  • WOW that looks freakin' awesome!  

  • Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. It's the most expensive title Capcom has ever produced if I'm not mistaken, better be good!
  • The fire in this game looks very life-like. The video they put out a couple months ago of the player fighting a griffin (sp) was awesome.

  • How do you get talked into a job where you have to fight a giant laser shooting rock monster? "In your quests, you will fight against strange creatures." "Strange creatures? Like what?" "Like the Golem, a construct of living rock with great strength and size." "Wait a minute....a giant living rock?! You expect me to fight a giant living rock with a sword!?! He could crush me while I'm chipping away at his knee!" "Oh I also forgot to mention he shoots lasers out of his face." "Oh F this! /quit"
  • The screens look amazing this game could turn into something great.

  • looking sweet :) I'm going to have to keep an eye out on this one

  • This game is still looking good. I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

  • That agile character looks pretty sweet. hope it plays more like an action game.
  • Why is it called Dogma?

  • Impressive. This'll be a boss that'll give me a great sense of triumph after I beat it!

  • This project would have made an absolutely phenomenal launch title for next generation platforms... it's kind of a shame they used this window when you think about it that way - but where it has been hamstrung for graphical power, it will perform smoother I'm sure.
  • What's blue, made of metal, and not getting released instead of this mediocre attempt at hack and slash fantasy? Mega Man Legends 3.
  • the first time i heard a game like this before.
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