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Dragon's Crown Patch Adds Diagonal Bomb Tossing Among Other Additions

The first patch for Dragon's Crown is live, and it adds a few things, fixes a few things, and makes a few things a little bit easier.

The patch helps with network connectivity, but also helps with gameplay aspects. More arrows now drop when more elves are in your party, and you can now repair all your gear with one button press in Morgan’s shop.

You can check out the patch notes in the photo gallery below. This patch applies to both the Vita and PlayStation 3 version of the game.

For more on Dragon's Crown, check out our review here, as well as our archived live stream here.

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  • Mod
    Going through this at the moment with a friend in couch co-op, and loving every minute of it. It's like Final Fight, or Streets Of Rage on steroids. The game looks absolutely gorgeous as well.
  • You know what I love the most about this game? You know, besides everything else?

    The in-jokes! This game is LOADED with them. Everything from Monty Python to Flemish Painters to old school Dungeons and Dragons.

    It even has Mickey Mouse! MICKEY FRIGGIN MOUSE!
  • Oh diagonal, what would we do without you.
  • Being able to hold L1 and use my hotkeys is really nice. Trying to reach for Up was really annoying.
  • This is epic that a game patch update has already been released to make the game better. I already thought it was great to begin with. I'm happy with Dragon's Crown. ^_^

  • I wish they would release a patch so you can pause the game. It's annoying getting interrupted and not being able to pause in the middle of a battle.
  • Revealing hidden treasure through mouseover without the previously-necessary button press is very convenient.  I like that.

    Overloading L1 to bring up the spell list when the up button already did it doesn't help anything.

    L1 is already used to push things with the cursor, and if the cursor is onscreen, L1 does not bring up the spell menu anyway.

    Here are the real control issues:

    Since down+attack=slide attack, it's very easy to slide when moving down and attacking.

    Since up+attack is jump attack, it's very easy to jump attack when intending to move up and attack.

    And the most important, the cursor's 'stick'ing to objects, especially runes, needs a little tuning.  It can be very hard to select the proper rune due to the cursor sticking to the wrong rune (and then unsticking unexpectedly and jumping past the right one to be stuck on the one beyond it).  If another player moves the screen to the right, it changes the cursor position, causing the cursor to be stuck on the wrong rune.  Having a button scroll to scroll through runes would have been much more helpful.

    The arrow to show the player's own avatar is not sufficient in high-effects situations.  The player should have a stronger outline and maybe have that outline always show in front of any other creatures or effects.

  • Man even a great game needs patches. I thought it was fine until the ancient dragon. It kicked my ...