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Dragon's Crown

Dragon's Crown's Amazon Has No Need For Armor

Not to be confused with the popular online retail website, Dragon's Crown's Amazon is a mighty warrior who is apparently too strong to waste her time with armor, or clothes for that matter. You can check out the Japanese trailer for the Amazon below.

For more on Dragon's Crown, and to see more of the game in action, you can check out trailers showcasing the Wizard, the Elf, the Fighter, and the Sorceress. Dragon's Crown is coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita on August 6.

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  • This is not sexy, not anime, not good looking, it's not art direction - it's just sick... faugh!
  • This is sick! Where are the people getting heads blown off, and getting chainsawed in half! Guess in video games the human body is disgusting, unless its innards are lying on the floor.
  • lol you soooooooooooo can tell this is a japanese game by the...... well call it "art".
  • 0:26

    Booty smash!

  • Dat axe
  • Conversely, I suppose the Knight suffers from low self-esteem issues, having to cover his body head to toe in concealing armor.

    Literally hiding himself away from the world.

    What a sordid, exploitative mess this game is.....

  • Sad this is getting so much negative attention for some of the character art. It's probably going to be a pretty solid game.
  • Some people act like this is the first time they've seen something like this. It's a game half these people weren't going to play in the first place just see something they don't like and whine about it.

  • Mod

    Its sad when underage kiddies and people who dont know a persons set artstyle b*tch more on the art itself than the gameplay. Oh boo hoo ive never played a game with girls that wear little or strike poses in a sexy matter (mai from kof, girls in doa). Its the artstyle this company has always used. If you do no want it or like it go back to twiddling your thumbs till the ps4 comes out. For others who like sidescrolling beatemups it looks fun.

  • She needs no armor, cause she is Amazonian and not a civilized person that live in the city. Her design took the concept of Indigenous peoples. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigenous_peoples Picture of indigenous people in Australia: http://greenprophet.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/aboriginal-dancers-australia-photo.jpg Also, its not new stuff, the 300 Spartans barely wear any armor in the movie. http://jour105efarn.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/bddefinition300complete-l1080.jpg

  • the art is so disproportionate that it kills the characters charm. especially the ladies.

  • Okay, that's kinda. . . what's the word? Creepy?. . .

  • Do-da-gun-zu  ku-down!

  • That just looks gross

  • This is for all you lame gamers out there.

    Hey remember that game called DEAD OR ALIVE VOLLEY BALL.
    This game was filled with all female characters bouncing around and stretching in bikinis. Did anyone of you GUYS feel offended then or still do? Remember the marketing for this game with the four guys sitting on a couch mesmerized by the sexual appeal of the game? As a matter of fact, they all grabbed a pillow and placed it over their crotch area. Hhm. I wonder if the dress code in that game really offended some of you so-called dudes. I can see woman complaining.

    And as for the art direction and characterizations that many are complaining about, it’s their videogame, they can do what ever they want, and the funny part is most of you are still going to buy it. It was the same response to Blade and Soul’s so-called poor female character form. I only say so-called because that is the way the creator draft his characters. There is no set rule for male and female designs, and because the game is doing so well in Korea, America wants the game now, with no heavy ESRB restrictions. And I bet the gamers that talk s*** are going to be the first in line. Like I said, a bunch of lame so-called gamers.
  • Idk why everyone gets crazy about the main girl or whatever, that Witch girl... DAMN!!!

  • Dat Amazon
  • She has a booty drop move that ends in her doing the splits


  • Sold