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Dragon's Crown

Dragon's Crown's Amazon Has No Need For Armor

Not to be confused with the popular online retail website, Dragon's Crown's Amazon is a mighty warrior who is apparently too strong to waste her time with armor, or clothes for that matter. You can check out the Japanese trailer for the Amazon below.

For more on Dragon's Crown, and to see more of the game in action, you can check out trailers showcasing the Wizard, the Elf, the Fighter, and the Sorceress. Dragon's Crown is coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita on August 6.

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  • I'm all for over sexualized game characters, but this is just way too much
  • Yeah, all the complaining about the art is getting pretty old.

  • She kind of looks lumpy. I don't know, just typing what I'm thinking.
  • I have a feeling this game is going to sell quite well, maybe.
  • The Japanese sure love oversexualizing everything, haha.

    Pretty sure I've heard that sex can't be proven to see if it sells more, it does get attention though.
  • I can't wait to see this game's sales numbers and reviews.

  • She's gonna have lower back problems when she reaches her 40s.

  • Jesus, did anyone see the mage in the last 4 seconds? How can these characters even physically move, let alone bend forward in any fashion without faceplanting
  • It's like the Serena Williams of Videogames.

  • Oh god.

  • there are only four women in video games that i actually respect. She's not one of them  

  • This is going to be an excellent game. And for all you so called gamers who says sex does not sale, well, it does. Sex sales and it gets attention in movies, books, magazines, pornography/ prostitution industry, anime, and videogames, especially anime, which a lot of you enjoy. You think Blade and Soul topped the charts in Korea because of its mixed martial arts mmorpg stylized fighting? No. It’s mostly due to the customizable sex appeal that the female characters posses. I can pull up a list of games that have baby faced sexualized appeal, and you know what, it’s not stopping gamers from buying the games, or anime. So no one should actually get bent out of shape over this game, unless some gamers prefer to continue watching their illicit, over-sexualized baby faced pre-teen anime at home in the confines of their outdated manga world, instead of playing with them on a console.
  • With all the extra from the front to the back ...I take it they designed her from Black or Brazilian women. Great Job.

  • Am I the only one left who finds the rising lack of clothing in games disturbing?
  • Am I the only one left who finds the rising lack of clothing in games disturbing?
  • The artist for this game is an idiotic perv. Between the sorceress and this amazon chick, ive seen enough to know there is no way im playing this game.
  • The Japanese are a strange little people.
  • I'm a man of art and I love anime to death, but the whole sexappeal is just way to much these days; Its not even about the game play anymore, companies know that if you put a half naked girl on the cover, people will buy it.

  • @"blah blah blah this is disgusting blah"

    This company knows what it's doing. This isn't sexism, it's just sexy art design. This isn't a Barbie video game where overtly sexualized content would be highly questionable, this is a video game for adults. Particularly male adults that like female anatomy and arcade brawlers. Simple as that.