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Dragon's Crown

Dragon's Crown's Amazon Has No Need For Armor

Not to be confused with the popular online retail website, Dragon's Crown's Amazon is a mighty warrior who is apparently too strong to waste her time with armor, or clothes for that matter. You can check out the Japanese trailer for the Amazon below.

For more on Dragon's Crown, and to see more of the game in action, you can check out trailers showcasing the Wizard, the Elf, the Fighter, and the Sorceress. Dragon's Crown is coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita on August 6.

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  • The funny thing is this is how Amazon warriors dressed in mythology. That's just how the greeks envisioned them, so I can't blame the devs for the ridiculous outfit.
  • I can clearly see some armor there. Looks like scales.

  • This should be called Porn The Game.
  • ALRIGHTY THEN. . . . .

  • Poor girl - she must have outlandish chiropractic bills.

  • freaking disgusting.
  • someone needs to remix the amazon's video into a twirk video lol

  • This is the first thing I'm planning getting when I can get a Vita.
  • What a giant...axe she has.
  • Hmmmm.... I don't like this.
  • Maybe, just maybe she wears no armor to throw enemies off. In all honesty if some chick came at me wearing that... I'm only a man and I think I would surrender.
  • I would hit that faster then the power button to my console.

  • Each boob the size of her face? Ok, whatever. That's normal.

    Each quad twice as big as her boob? Wow, that's...kinda nasty.

    HUGE ass? What...uh, what kind of game was this again?

    Young girl's face? ...This is from Japan, isn't it?

  • Why do people keep complaining about this game? If the article title says Dragon's Crown, then please, DON'T CLICK it- move on with your lives. If you're not interested or disgusted or whatever else it is that makes you feel obligated to share & waste space with and on the internet, we (people interested) don't care. It's a product being advertised, if you don't intend to purchase it then please stop whining about it. I don't see anyone complaining about how disgusting they find the Ballpark hot dogs advertisement in their GI magazine; why do you insist on this?
  • And the b*tching continues. Amazing artwork btw. Can't wait to play this.
  • Dat Axe...

    Can't wait to play this!

  • The game looks fun. I'm glad the Beat 'em ups are getting some love again, and done in proper 2D (even if they've apparently never seen a woman, or if they have, they don't know what's attractive).

  • I thought the women from Mortal Kombat were bad. Seeing this makes MK's character design look like a feminist anti-defamation convention.

  • At least the enemies were wearing about the same level of clothing.

  • I don't even see how she can stand straight up...