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Dragon's Crown

Dragon's Crown's Amazon Has No Need For Armor

Not to be confused with the popular online retail website, Dragon's Crown's Amazon is a mighty warrior who is apparently too strong to waste her time with armor, or clothes for that matter. You can check out the Japanese trailer for the Amazon below.

For more on Dragon's Crown, and to see more of the game in action, you can check out trailers showcasing the Wizard, the Elf, the Fighter, and the Sorceress. Dragon's Crown is coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita on August 6.

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  • Why do the female characters have butts the size of the boobs which are 3 x bigger than their face? Makes it look ugly, despite the unique artistic design. What a shame.
  • That poor, deformed woman...
  • When your ass, chest and thighs are that big, you don't need armor, just a big ass axe.

  • She has a butt stomp move. That's all that matters.
  • Well duh guys, that's what real amazon women wore.
  • lol silly silly japanese

  • This game should be called Dragon's Boobies.
  • Rarely do I step into this type of conflict. This, however, has provoked me to voice my opinion.

    This is dumb and the game looks bad.
    I haven't seen anatomy this bad since... well...
  • I LOL'ed i bet every bodybuilder would want to have the size of her quads lol.....

  • And that is why I'm buying it

  • Well she's an amazon, for once her lack of clothing makes sense.
  • Can we stop clichedly complaining about an art style we already know is ridiculous?
  • The art book for this game is borderline porn
  • I think I'm in love.

  • I've taken a look at the other trailers, and this reminds me of the the beat em' ups of the old days. Hopefully this will pan out. I'll wait for the review, though.

  • They proved with their other games that try didn't need to make characters with really bouncy gigantic breasts and huge asses. This isn't something that they usually do, at least with the main characters. Up to this point it was reserved for support characters.
  • I wonder if you can change armor in this game or if your character is stuck the way Atlas made them.
  • This comes out on my birthday...well, at least Pikmin 3 is 2 days before...

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!

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