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Dragon's Crown

Get Ready For Dragon's Crown With New English Trailer

Vanillaware, the company behind beautiful games like Odin Sphere and Grim Grimoire, is back again with Dragon's Crown. The latest trailer keeps the tradition of gorgeous visuals intact. We saw this trailer originally in Japanese, but now it's time to read the text and take in the dangers of the labyrinth. The trailer also shows off characters with some great, uh...assets and frenzied gameplay sure to keep you on your toes.

Dragon's Crown hits both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Are you excited for what awaits you? 

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  • I'll wait to hear some reviews, but I'll probably give this a go.  

  • Is the Vita still a thing?

  • I am pretty excited for this game! Anything from the developers of Odin Sphere is welcome by me. I plan to put quite a number of hours into this game.

  • Looks amazing! I will get for Vita.

  • i love you atlus. youve been making great games for such a long time.

  • i love you atlus. youve been making great games for such a long time.

  • vanillaware always makes the coolest looking visuals

  • Coming out this summer? F yes!

  • dat sorceress...

  • So this is what happens when Atlus gets a hold of DnD and basically shows it is not hard to make into a game lol.

  • Woo Hoo! Can not wait! Love this stuff.

  • ok i can now see the point of the attention to the women with fleshy parts bouncing. But, wouldn't that hurt in combat?! and now im just curious why did they design the characters so exaggerated? hmm... ah well very artistic work they did none-the-less. I would probably buy the game simply for the females alone if i had a vita or ps3. I don't. I have an xbox 360. oh well...watching the video a second time now...

  • Man oh man....Might get a Vita just for this...well and The Show of course...

  • Those assets!

  • The art design looks great but the game looks more chaotic than fun for me...

  • Woah, umm, those are some "interesting" looking art designs (the sorceress, cough).
  • Might be okay as a vita game, maybe. But it feels like a high res super nintendo game. Nothing that excites me. And certainly not as a console game. Is it a full price disk for the ps3 or like a $10 psn game?

  • Mod

    ahhhhh good times await me soon.

  • I love Vanillaware! Can't wait to play this on Vita!