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Dragon's Crown

Get Ready For Dragon's Crown With New English Trailer

Vanillaware, the company behind beautiful games like Odin Sphere and Grim Grimoire, is back again with Dragon's Crown. The latest trailer keeps the tradition of gorgeous visuals intact. We saw this trailer originally in Japanese, but now it's time to read the text and take in the dangers of the labyrinth. The trailer also shows off characters with some great, uh...assets and frenzied gameplay sure to keep you on your toes.

Dragon's Crown hits both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Are you excited for what awaits you? 

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  • Wasn't this supposed to be a launch title for vita?
  • So far the gameplay looks kind of chaotic. I liked Muramasa, though, wonderful game.

  • Why hello there Ms. Sorceress and Ms. Amazon.......
  • Awesome.

  • BOOBS!

    Now in english!.

  • I`ll bet a fingernail that "summer 2013" means "august 31st"

  • BooBies. Yes. Right. Glorious. But will this generate enough steam to prompt an english translation for there Fanfare GrandKnights History? I could see it making the perfect Droid//IOS release to fallow up with this BooB shell.

  • B( . Y . )BS
  • All I remember from that trailer is boobs.

  • The game looks so beautiful and frenetic. Much like Persona 4 Arena, I'm going to make a solid effort in becoming decent at this kind of game, which I enjoy, but am really bad at.
    Wow, people are really just all over the character who has boobs.
  • Man I wish this was coming to 3DS.

    Odin Sphere is a fairly classic game..haven't played it in a long time. Also don't forget they made Muramasa: The Demon's Blade which is also an amazing game.
  • Man I hope this is good. I have been waiting for it since I first heard about it . Sadly my gut tells me it won't be that good.
  • This looks really awesome, looking like it's going to be a fantastic co-op game. Seems like Vanillaware is going to have another great game. I just wish they port Grand Knights History some day.

    Seems like people were more interested in the boobs than the gameplay itself.
  • you'd think that they love TnA over at vanillaware after this trailer :D
  • Should've been a Vita exclusive. But that looks just awesome. Which reminds me... I need to go back and finish Muramasa.
  • A dancing mouse, Im sold

  • Can't wait for this to be released, it's about time but I think Vanillaware is one of those devs you just don't rush, wish I had a Vita so I could get the Murumasa remake

  • Dat Bounce

  • I dunno. The over-excessive breastness just feels desperate to me. Points off for presentation. I know people'll be all ragey cause I don't like the comic sized boobs, but c'mon. It's really a symptom of what's wrong with the industry, and what some developers are trying so hard to fight. It's just kinda sad for everyone in the industry who wants the objectivity to stop, when the next company is like HERE. HAVE BOOBS. BOOBS. That being said, it's probably actually going to be a good game. The gameplay they showed (again, despite it being like a 1:3 gameplay to boob-time ratio) I just wish the industry wouldn't treat me and people like me as if we were 13 year old boys. I'm far more interested in gameplay and story. Oh well, feel free to agree or to flame away.
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