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Dragon's Crown

Latest Dragon's Crown Trailer Shows Off Its Roots

It's been a while since we've seen anything about Vanillaware's upcoming RPG brawler, but the company has just corrected that. The studio revealed a new gameplay trailer for the PS3 and Vita game at a recent Sony event. If you have fond memories of games like Golden Axe and Capcom's D&D games, this will probably blow your mind.

The last time we'd heard anything of any significance regarding Dragon's Crown was when Atlus picked up the North American publishing rights from Ignition. The game supports four-player co-op as a group of adventurers explore a maze-like series of dungeons. As you'll see in the trailer below, they're not kidding about that dragon, either.

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  • This game looks absolutely gorgeous! Really hope it is back on track and can out be end of the year.

  • I will be buying the stuffing out of this game! Odin Sphere is one of my favorite PS2 titles.

  • All i saw was ridiculous hooters flailing wildly about the place.
  • It's good to see that the game is still alive and well. I really can't wait to pick it up and do elvish things.
  • Well that looks fun. I would love to play an RPG brawler.

  • Why cant this come out for 360 too!! :*(
  • been waiting for this one...i need a firm date of release for ps3

  • I love it that Atlus has stuck with the same successful art style rather than attempting some kind of "upgrade".
  • Man this looks like it could be real fun.

  • Odin Sphere was amazing, so I'm definitely looking forward to this!

  • Interesting...

  • Reminds me about muramasa the demon blade this is freaking awesome!
  • Bout time they released something new for this game... Now we need a release date.

  • At last, been waiting a long time for the next game by Vanillaware. And from I see in the trailer, it still has the awesome artwork that they apply in all of their games and really shows potential. This game certainly will be on my list to get in the future.
  • This looks amazing. It's a buy for me on Vita for sure! I'm actually playing Murumasa: The Demon Blade right now and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Vanillaware's art and animation are so awesome!

  • This is gonna be Awesome!!!!!!!

  • I'm really hoping this doesn't suck

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