The Grimm Bros’s Kickstarter project has completed, bringing in 500% of the original $24,000 request goal. Simply put, it’s an old-school turn-based roguelike RPG starring an alcoholic, bounty-hunting take on Red Riding Hood. Other offbeat takes on fairy tales and myth are expected to be playable options and in-game encounters. Despite the Kickstarter just wrapping up, I had a chance to sit down for some hands-on action with the upcoming title at PAX East 2014. 

The systems feel a little raw right now, but there’s a lot of undeniable potential. The game looks beautiful and while roguelikes can become mired in information overload and complexity, it’s simple enough to grasp immediately with more depth available for core players. 

Players can take recruit pets and companions that assist in combat, engage in traditional questing, and use special abilities to take advantage of the heavy-emphasis on tactics. Facing down an opponent at range? The protagonist starts with a potent shotgun blast and some explosives, and that’s just the beginning of the options that players will unlock and gain access to over the course of the game. Crafting also plays a large role in things, and just about everything can be broken down into raw, useful craft materials.

I played through an entry-level mission as the hometown gets invaded by a handful of zombies. It was fairly traditional fare in terms of story and turn-based combat, but the story-mode missions are probably a bit lower on my excitement meter than the endless survival mode where players will be able to compare scores with their friends. One thing to note is that Dragon Fin Soup plays like a “fast” roguelike, sort of like Dungeons of Dredmor, where while it is a turn-based game things are sort of masked outside of making major combat choices to make it feel more like the action is streamlined and happening in real-time.

If you’re a fan of classic roguelikes, this is one to watch as it heads to release on PS3, PS4, Vita, and PC.