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  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Origins Game Review

    Dragon Age: Origins was one of my favorite games when it came out. The game presented a huge, detailed world with plenty of lore and branching story line based on choices your character made. There was a good deal of replay value to it and it was one of the more entertaining titles to come out in a long...
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Origins is solid RPG

    This is a good game. This is a Bioware game. Anyone who has played the Mass Effect series will attest to the awesomeness that is Bioware. Now don’t that excited cause it is not Mass Effect. So… Dragon Age is a good, cool game, but if you think it is going to be Oblivion or Mass Effect you...
  • Blog Post: A Dragonless Age

    Given that Bioware developed this game, I was very excited when I popped the CD in my 360. After about three days, I realize that this is a largely broken game in terms of gameplay: cumbersome and frustrating controls and a lack of typical RPG conventions (level grinding, a plethora of side quests, a...
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age; Good Game, Doesn't Live up to Hype

    I finally finished DA Origins for the 360, and as I wait for Awakenings to download, I might as well write something about it. While I enjoyed this game a lot, I don't feel that it has quite lived up to all the hype surrounding it. Like many people, I was not able to head up to PAX East this year...
  • File: Dragon Age: Origins Awakening Velanna

    Check out the introduction video for Velanna, one of the new characters in the Dragon Age: Origins Awakening expansion.
  • Blog Post: Good Game

    Dragon Age: Origins is a pretty decent game but I do have some dragon bones to pick with it. First of all the large battles in the game sucked because after killing a wave it would take 2 min. for the next one to bust threw. This problem made the finale battle against the Dark Spawn just a waiting game...
  • File: Dragon Age: Origins - Sacred Ashes Launch Trailer

    If you were on the fence about Dragon Age: Origins, this launch trailer will pump up your blood lust. Dead orcs and lighting-swallowing dragons await you.
  • File: Dragon Age: Origins - Broodmother

    Check out the Broodmother boss from Dragon Age: Origins.
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