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hot to kill flemeth

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  • how can you kill the giant dragon flemeth?

  • It would help to have more information on your circumstances friend. Are you playing on PC, or console? What difficulty are you on? What team members are you using when attempting to confront her?

    The last time I beat her it was with 3 warriors and a mage. This is not my typical squad but it worked just for her. I had a spirit healing mage as my main character at the time and let the three warriors go mash her face/tail in while I stood back and spammed healing.

  • I think what he's trying to say Brandon Driver is "Stock up on Lyrium".

  • yeh what i had to do was briing in two healers and let them keep shale alive whil my mage hit her with attack spells.   thanks guys

  • Well I always use 2 warriors a rogue and a Mage

    Make sure Sten is in the Party with Yusaris equiped

    I also use Alistar equipped with Asturians Might

    If I am the Mage I also bring in Zevran dual wielding

    if I am the Rogue I bring along Wynn

    (this is my team for the High Dragon and Arch Demon as well

  • The best way is to use Wynn and a character that is good with a bow. The idea is to stay at a good distance. The other character, Alistar or Sten are the best, should be up close but always behind the dragon. The worst attack the dragon can perform is the back kick.  I remember this fight and it is tough. It got to a point where I almost changed the difficulty settings, but keep trying and your efforts will be rewarded.

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