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  • Blog Post: Another good RPG from Bioware with the typical Bioware RPGameplay features.Interesting and emotional sidestories make up for it's cliche main plot.

    Dragon Age Origins is another great RPG from Bioware. It's story has a few emotional and interesting moments but it's main plot revolves around cliches that I've seen in other fantasy stories.It's story is set in a medieval age and creatures known as 'darkspawn' begin showing... More
  • Blog Post: The journey is fun, but you might feel disappointed once you beat it.

    After spending 30-50 hours on this game, you might feel disappointed once you beat it. Story, Graphics and Gameplay: This is what was most fun about the game. Every interaction you made with NPC's were recorded dialog. No reading text on the screen. There are many different character paths you could... More
  • Blog Post: They Call It Origins For A Reason

    It seems that the plot of a party of diverse members of different origins and talents joining together to face insurmountable odds in the form of a huge demonic army will never get old. Yes, Dragon Age: Origins follows a similar story as Lord of The Rings and The Wheel of Time, but will this incredibly... More
  • Blog Post: Save the world and kill Darkspawn in the best RPG I've played.

    Story The minute you start Dragon Age: Origins story, you will be plunged into the start of an unique origin that depends on your character’s race. Each of the 6 origin stories will have an impact on the rest of the story, like your Human Noble can become king/queen, or your Dwarf can become a... More
  • Blog Post: amazing game in every way

    I walked into this game expecting your typical rpg and found an addicting, detailed story that i couldnt walk away from. The graphics are flowing, facial expressions are realistic, and the landscapes are gorgeous. I loved how you could choose what you wanted to say and how you wanted to develope your... More
  • Blog Post: SWEET!

    This game was amazing.... kind of hard in some spots but still really good! The pause fighting or continuous was really cool. I always got so excited when i leveled up because it is so much fun. I hope the second one is even better though! More
  • Blog Post: Not perfect, but a job well done.

    For those among us who enjoy a traditional RPG, this is an excellent game. The game is downright fun to play and the ability to play it a few times in a row without losing the edge is a definite testament to the quality of a game. You can conceivably play this game 5 or 6 times and get a totally different... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age Origins (My Review)

    I think that this is BioWare's best game to date. It has a great storyline (which is what I buy video games for), good graphics, and good playability. I love the voice acting and the dialog the game delivers. Before I bought this, I thought that it was going to be like the PC version in playability... More
  • Blog Post: Best RPG i have ever played on Playstation

    Dragon age is by far the best, deepest, and most in depth RPG i have ever seen on PS3. While not as open as Oblivion, it still has tons and tons of side quests, leveling, character building, item hunting, etc. The combat is fluid and fun, with the option to pause and micro manage the battle, or tweak... More
  • Blog Post: Incredible on the 360.

    Even if a game is better on a PC; it does not mean that you give it an 8 on console. That is, in my opinion a ridiculous score for DA. This game would be a 10 no matter which system you play it on.. The combat actually comes of as very immersive on console. When you get used to the mechanics, the gameplay... More
  • Blog Post: Good Game

    Dragon Age: Origins is a pretty decent game but I do have some dragon bones to pick with it. First of all the large battles in the game sucked because after killing a wave it would take 2 min. for the next one to bust threw. This problem made the finale battle against the Dark Spawn just a waiting game... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Origins Best RPG EVER!!!!

    I just got this game for Christmas and all i can say is Freakin' Amazing. I as unable to put the controller down. It was soooo fun. The character origin stories were really cool and the storline about you being the only grey warden left (except for alistair) is phenominal. The only bad part was the... More
  • Blog Post: Was it the best...? I think so!

    Dragon Age: Origin, that's was something I haven't experienced in quite some time, an RPG with a story so intriguing, with a lovely mapped out story, great character developement, and a no so easy to conquer battle system, left me pplaying the game at least three times before I had discovered... More
  • Blog Post: Origins Review

    This game has all the good makings of a good rpg. Fun interactive combat, great story, long ass missions & just a long game in general, good exploration, but theres just a few things that drag this game down. On the console versions the graphics seem stiff, unreactive, & a lot of morphiing through... More
  • Blog Post: Cleril Reviews: Dragon Age: Origins - Xbox 360

    Dragon Age: Origins (I will refer to it as just Dragon Age from now on) is a dark fantasy RPG made by Bioware which is known for making great RPGs with fantastic story telling to boot. There is no shortness of amazing in this game, but is it perfect? No, no it is not. It's *** near close though.... More
  • Blog Post: good but meant for pc

    this game is meant for a pc but is still good More
  • Blog Post: Amazing with a few minor setbacks

    When I first started playing the PS3 version of Dragon Age I have to admit I was slightly disappointed. The controls felt clunky and the actual gameplay graphics were not very impressive when compared to the cutscene graphics. After the completion of my origin story, however, I was completely hooked... More
  • Blog Post: 'Origins' is Just the Beginning

    ~~Spoiler Free~~ PS3 Version Dragon Age: Origins is not a game for the weak gamer or the impatient. I have finished the game clocking in just a hair under 40 hours and I ignored all side quests on my first play through. So if you’re a slower gamer expect to spend a substantial portion of your holiday... More
  • Blog Post: Good game overall cannot match PC version though

    The controls are better formatted in the PC version. The game does run good and vibrant on the PS3 though. The controls just seem a little off using the analog stick as opposed to keyboard mapping. Graphics wise they run about the same. If you have an old PC with a poor graphics card than I would get... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Orgins is one you don't want to miss

    If you like RPG's, by this. Straight and to the point. More
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