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  • Blog Post: "Even the Smallest Person can Change the Course of the Future."

    As most people were just finishing their Mass Effect 1 playthroughs in 2008, they caught wind of another epic game entitled Dragon Age: Origins. First announced at E3 2004 as "Dragon Age", game developer Bioware, famed for games such as Baldur's Gate, Knights of the Old Republic, and Jade... More
  • Blog Post: The journey is fun, but you might feel disappointed once you beat it.

    After spending 30-50 hours on this game, you might feel disappointed once you beat it. Story, Graphics and Gameplay: This is what was most fun about the game. Every interaction you made with NPC's were recorded dialog. No reading text on the screen. There are many different character paths you could... More
  • Blog Post: They Call It Origins For A Reason

    It seems that the plot of a party of diverse members of different origins and talents joining together to face insurmountable odds in the form of a huge demonic army will never get old. Yes, Dragon Age: Origins follows a similar story as Lord of The Rings and The Wheel of Time, but will this incredibly... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age Origins hits my RPG sweet spot

    Before I bought Dragon Age Origins I had little knowledge about the series and even smaller interest in the game. Because I thought it looked like another one of the same old D&D style RPG"s but, boy was I wrong. This game actually has the credit of getting me interested in the genre. The fighting... More
  • Blog Post: A spiritual successor to Kotor

    Dragon Age Origins is a really good game overall with the graphics only being my one real complaint. They were decent not great. Am a latecomer to this game and I bought the ultimate edition with all the DLC. As I played the game I was strongly reminded of the original Kotor from the compelling story... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Origins Game Review

    Dragon Age: Origins was one of my favorite games when it came out. The game presented a huge, detailed world with plenty of lore and branching story line based on choices your character made. There was a good deal of replay value to it and it was one of the more entertaining titles to come out in a long... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Origins is solid RPG

    This is a good game. This is a Bioware game. Anyone who has played the Mass Effect series will attest to the awesomeness that is Bioware. Now don’t that excited cause it is not Mass Effect. So… Dragon Age is a good, cool game, but if you think it is going to be Oblivion or Mass Effect you... More
  • Blog Post: Bioware's Golden Age

    Everyone knows Bioware from their massive hit RPG title Mass Effect. Well, just a few months before the sequel hits, they have released Dragon Age: Origins for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. Dragon Age: Origins is a return to Bioware’s roots in a way, since they used to more well known for... More
  • Blog Post: Good Game

    Dragon Age: Origins is a pretty decent game but I do have some dragon bones to pick with it. First of all the large battles in the game sucked because after killing a wave it would take 2 min. for the next one to bust threw. This problem made the finale battle against the Dark Spawn just a waiting game... More
  • Blog Post: My dragon age Review

    Dragon age ...the next game constructed by the developers that brought you knights of the old republic and mass effect. Both of which are good smash hit games and yet bioware has alot of expectations to reach and this game certainly lives up to the hype. The story is the land of ferleden is at ware with... More
  • Blog Post: Was it the best...? I think so!

    Dragon Age: Origin, that's was something I haven't experienced in quite some time, an RPG with a story so intriguing, with a lovely mapped out story, great character developement, and a no so easy to conquer battle system, left me pplaying the game at least three times before I had discovered... More
  • Blog Post: Well Fart Me a Lullaby!

    Before I begin, know that the title of my review is taken straight from the game. Oghren, the dwarf that joins you, says it during the game...... All kidding aside, BioWare released their newest title in the 'Epic RPG" genre: Dragon Age: Origins. Their previous games were all legendary in their... More
  • Blog Post: Salty Reviews: Dragon Age: Origins

    The Good Dragon Age: Origins is your standard Bioware RPG filled to the brim with sex, blood, and violence. Gameplay is a mixture of top-down combat and third-person dialogue seamlessly blended together. Character customization is unsurpassed. The number of facial tweaks rivals Fallout 3 or Mass Effect... More
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