Before I bought Dragon Age Origins I had little knowledge about the series and even smaller interest in the game. Because I thought it looked like another one of the same old D&D style RPG"s but, boy was I wrong. This game actually has the credit of getting me interested in the genre. The fighting sequences and overall gameplay are solid, the graphics could stand to be better seeing how mass effect 2 with its smooth graphics only came out a few months later, the voice acting and dialogue system were excellent, but the best part of this game is the story which is top notch. 

The story is excellent. You can choose from six different origin stories all coralating with what species and class you choose,and I would highly advise going through all of them before continuing the game. They all meet at one central point so don't be worried that some of the story will be lost just because you choose an elven rogue and not a human mage. I found the story progression felt smooth and even so you feel like you are progressing through out the game. I also felt the back stories of all the companions were compelling so I was constantly going back to the camp to see if any new dialogue options appeared. By the end of the game I felt satisfied with how it turned out and I especially liked the twist towards the end right before the final battle.

The gameplay is good but it is nothing special among the genre. The combat was a little bit weak on the 360 and PS3 and Bioware could have tried a little harder when they ported it to consoles. It often felt like you were just clicking a button and watching youre team fight the enemy instead of making you feel like you were actually involved in the fight, and with boss battles I found myself only spamming the health poultice hot key. Though they did a good job with the leveling system and and making it seem that you are getting stronger as you level up weather you are a mage, warrior, or rogue.

The voice acting in this game fealt very real and made me think I was actually talking to a person and not to some monotonous NPC like in some other RPG's. The dialogue system is preety smooth but, I often wished my person could have an actual voice to make it feel more involved. It also gives you plenty of choices in what you can say.

Dragon Age Origins is an amazing RPG with a good story, good voice acting, decent gameplay, and a good number of DLC to explore and if you are looking for a good RPG that will keep you entertained for several hours I would highly advise picking this up at your nearest gamestop.