This game was good, not great, but good. 

Pros:  Great story, in depth-history, fantastic interaction with NPCs, ability to create your own character, and extremely high replay value.  

Cons: Horrible battle system, terrible inventory management, WAY to much in the way of codexes causing information overload, and easy to get burnt out with all the side-quests going on.

Overall, the story is great, no matter which origin you do (my favorites are the Dwarven Noble and Dalish Elf origins), and it was very original.  However, the battle system is awful and everything gets bogged down with the amount of information you're constantly getting.  One other little thing that I personally didn't like was the fact that this is considered a "dark fantasy", which means ugly, depressing geography, even more depressing story lines and back stories, and tons of blood.  If that's your thing, then you would enjoy this game, but if not, then you will find yourself a bit disappointed.  

There are two crowning achievements for this game:  the fantastic replay value and the NPC interaction.  The story is not too long, so if you wish to play a different character after you save Ferelden from the Blight, you can.  The interaction with your companions and other NPCs allows you to be any type of personality you want to be.  So, if you want to be a saint, you can be nice to everybody, and if you want to be a complete jerk, you can be mean to everyone.  You can also be a profiteering, greedy person that charges everyone for everything.

This game was good, but I was left a little disappointed and wanting more.