This is a good game. This is a Bioware game. Anyone who has played the Mass Effect series will attest to the awesomeness that is Bioware. Now don’t that excited cause it is not Mass Effect.

So… Dragon Age is a good, cool game, but if you think it is going to be Oblivion or Mass Effect you getting your hopes up too high.

The plot is your character being part of the last of the Grey Wardens. They’re the ghost busters of middle earth monsters. They are specifically powered to fight and kill Darkspawn (they are like ogres and orcs). Your character forms a team and recruits characters like other RPGs. The plot then takes four separate paths to recruit allies for the final battle with the Darkspawn. Some people complain that this story is boring or too much standard fare. I completed disagree.

I feel that the story is main draw for me. The game has enough lore to write a book (David Gaider, the lead writer has written 3 books on Dragon Age). Bioware has created a giant world to explore. They developed a detailed account of their entire continent. They have a good half dozen countries with different styles of governments and societies. This is a cool idea. Other RPGs have cities which mostly seem to change only with the environment (desert cites). Sure Dragon Age: Origins doesn’t leave Ferelden (their form of a England-type country), but they do bring characters from outside the country.

A huge part of the Dragon Age: Origins is the character interactions. There is a great feel to the party of DAO. As you journey there is a huge amount of spoken dialogue within the party. These conversations really develop the characters into full 3 dimensional characters with their own strengths and weaknesses.

The graphics certainly haven’t held up too well, but I don’t play RPGs for their graphics. The graphics are not bad to the point of distraction, but there is certainly room for improvement. There are as well the occasional bug too.

This game may not fit every taste but it is worth a look.