There was a period in my life, too long ago for me to want to think about, that I would get off the bus from school and make a bee line directly to my parent's computer. There was only one thing on my mind, playing Baldur's Gate. The game's fascinating characters, intriguing story, and revolutionary battle system created a whole new subset of the RPG genre. However, due in part to the technological limitations of the time, the game had several significant flaws. It had fixed camera angles, the occasional permanent death of an ally, and the ability to get yourself saved in places where you would be so stuck that you would need to start the entire game from the start.  Dragon Age: Origins is a modern version of Baldur's Gate with all the upgraded graphics and voice-overs you would expect but without any of the flaws of Baldur's Gate that it takes so much from.

The characters are still fascinating, the plot is still intriguing, and the combat system is still a lot of fun. BioWare shrunk the battle system of Baldur's Gate down to its core so that it would be the most enjoyable experience possible. There are only three races, Human, Elf, and Dwarf. There are only three classes, Warrior, Rogue, and Mage. Depending upon which class is chosen, the player will be able to choose up to two specializations over the course of their adventure. The number of members allowed in your party has also been reduced from six to four, which reduces micromanagement and makes the battles more fun. Depending on your race and class, the player can choose an origin for their character that will effect the first hour or so of the game. These origin stories are a lot of fun and help flush out the world the game takes place in, Ferelden.

Dragon Age: Origins is one of those rare games that absolutely cannot be missed.