Given that Bioware developed this game, I was very excited when I popped the CD in my 360.  After about three days, I realize that this is a largely broken game in terms of gameplay: cumbersome and frustrating controls and a lack of typical RPG conventions (level grinding, a plethora of side quests, a vast variety of weapons and armor).  WHERE ARE THE ^&*%@# DRAGONS?!  How can you have a game named Dragon Age: Origins and have so few dragons?!

The graphics are very lackluster and not very impressive.  However, the facial animations for the characters are excellent.

The character interactions and stories are the saving grace of this game.  The complexity of decisions and how characters are "aware" of your dealings with other characters are impressive and captivating.  I played the game just to hear the characters bickers and cajole each other.

I played this game after Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age: Origins does not measure to that high standard.  Mass Effect 2, as well as Mass Effect, set the standard for RPGs.  Dragon Age: Origins competes with Mas Effect 2 in terms of character interaction but fails to measure up otherwise.